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Weekly pop culture and dating Podcast. Hosted By Martin Joseph, Ella Kora and Becky Herszenhorn. Join 'The Real Brunch' every week for your weekly dose of Celeb Gossip, dating dilemmas and round table topic discussions. Featuring interviews with inspiring and powerful Woman as well as activists and important voices from the LGBTQ+ community.


Ring The Doorbell
2020 Aug 2439m 32s
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2020 Aug 1726m 28s
This week the gang catch up from their week off. Surprisingly they have all found their spiritual side (to varying degrees) plus this weeks write in is not to be missed! Possibly one of the most awkward dating situations ever!
Delete, Block, Remove, Go Sailing
2020 Aug 0437m 45s
Your weekly Pop Culture, Dating and Celebrity Gossip Podcast. This week the gang give out their best advice on dating, balancing career and dating posh boys. Unqualified advice from unqualified friends.
Scraping The Barrel
2020 Jul 2638m 42s
This week Martin shares his confusion over a new guy, Is not drinking a dealbreaker? - Becky has some pretty strong feelings. Becky also shares her updates on her dating life and her new found frustration for dating apps... Plus Ella can't get a job at a puppy parlor.
A Car Crash & A Little Knob
2020 Jul 2045m 59s
This week the gang catch up on their latest lockdown exploits... Martin films a music Video, Ella has done absolutely nothing and Becky has been involved in a car accident.
Tarot Cards & Sexy Fish
2020 Jul 1346m 55s
This week the gang chat all about Jess Glynn vs Sexy Fish, Beckys Tarot reading and Ellas injury update. All of this plus, A listener ponders over a dating dealbreaker and a former write in has a follow up after their Real brunch advice.
A Sling, A Vegan & A Lockdown Breakup
2020 Jul 0641m 3s
After a brief break the gang are back together, catching up on their latest lockdown activities. Ella has dislocated her shoulder, Martin is a Vegan and Becky has been on a fitness kick.
Lobster Claw
2020 Jun 0131m 59s
It's week 700000 in lockdown and the gang are starting to feel the pressure. Looking to the future they discuss Habits.. good one, bad ones and the ones they are secretly proud of... even if they shouldn't be.
Birthday Brunch
2020 May 2729m 36s
It's Martins Birthday!! so the gang are sharing their best birthday memories from best presents to best parties... as Becky has forgotten to send Martin a gift, her and Ella have created an imaginary present ... will Martin guess what it is?
Naked Drawing & A Skinny Macchiato
2020 May 1840m 54s
Ella opens up about her foray into naked portrait drawing as she continues her virtual dating. Martin shares his latest results after attempting a Joe Wicks workout and Becky fulfills her goal of continuing her basic lifestyle during quarantine with her latest Starbucks purchase. All that plus a fun celeb news quiz sand and the the gang answer a listeners dating dilemma.