Technically Legal
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Technically Legal is a podcast about legal tech and innovation in the legal industry. In each episode we interview an innovator in the legal industry. Guests discuss how they are implementing legal technology and innovation into their legal departments and law firms and how listeners can too. The podcast is hosted by Chad Main, an attorney and founder of Percipient, a tech-enabled legal services provider. Chad launched Percipient on the belief that when technology is leveraged correctly, it makes legal teams more effective.


Michael Volkov on Tech, Software & Data Analysis in Compliance Programs
2020 Sep 1436m 51s
Attorney Michael Volkov discusses the use of technology, software and data analysis in corporate compliance and ethics programs.
Real Talk About Cross Border Data Transfers & Schrems II With Data Privacy Attorney Christian Auty - Episode 36
2020 Aug 1836m 40s
Data privacy attorney Christian Auty discusses the Schrems II opinion from the European Court of Justice.
Anna McGrane & Joshua Fireman on Knowledge and Change Management in Legal Without Boiling the Ocean
2020 Jul 2233m 15s
You don’t have to “boil the ocean” to innovate in a law firm or legal department. That’s what we learn in Episode 35 from Anna McGrane, PacerPro COO, and Joshua Fireman, President of Fireman & Company.
Slack’s Cyndi Wheeler & Mark Pike on Automating Legal Workflows And (Not) Using Email - Episode 34
2020 Jun 2335m 24s
Do you want to spend less time dealing with email? Are you interested in automating repetitive work tasks?
Episode 33: Using AI in Litigation – Thomas Suh (LegalMation Co-Founder)
2020 May 2731m 59s
LegalMation Co-Founder Thomas Suh discusses the use of AI in litigation and his company's software that helps legal teams automate routine litigation tasks.
Episode 32: Keith Maziarek & Justin Ergler on the Legal Value Network (and on Community and Collaboration in Legal)
2020 Apr 3034m 42s
Legal Value Network Founding Board Members Keith Maziarek and Justin Ergler visit Technically Legal for Episode 32.  Keith and Justin talk about the genesis of LVN and the group’s mission of “designing, building and implementing the foundations of a more contemporary and commercially-sound model of legal service delivery.”
Episode 31: Dennis Garcia & Jason Barnwell on Legal Teams Innovating, Transforming And Working Remotely
2020 Apr 1534m 3s
Microsoft attorneys Dennis Garcia and Jason Barnwell discuss how legal teams can successfully and productively work remotely.
Episode 30: Sterling Miller on Legal Teams Responding to Crises and Pandemics
2020 Mar 2236m 43s
Sterling Miller discusses how in-house legal teams can help their companies respond to crisis situations and pandemics. Sterling is a three time general counsel (Travelocity, Sabre Corporation and Marketo).
Episode 29: Gyi Tsakalakis on Attorneys Using Tech To Improve Responsiveness and Improve the Client Experience
2020 Mar 0331m 58s
Attorneys fail to respond to more than 60% of inquiries from prospective clients. This abysmal response rate is juxtaposed against surveys of in-house counsel reporting that responding to client inquiries rates 8.8 out of 10 in importance to them.
Episode 28: Josh Becker on Data Driven Lawyers
2019 Dec 1823m 52s
In Episode 28 Joshua Becker, Chairman of Lex Machina and head of the Lexis Nexis Legal Tech Accelerator talks data driven lawyering. Josh became involved with Lex Machina, a legal data analytics company started at Stanford.