• Christian Sanford
10 episodes
experimental comedy podcast exploring the depths of, the host, Christian Sanford's mind. Every week Christian interviews a guest and has a nice chat.


CSBS ep.10 austenyo
2019 Dec 3011m 29s
Musical human Austenyo speak to the forrest and their people
CSBS ep. 9 Presta Digitation with BONUS CONTENT!!!
2019 Nov 1312m 14s
What do they need to know about Presta?
CSBS ep.8 Joel Koshy
2019 Oct 1510m 53s
Joel takes his one pass
CSBS ep.7 Parker Roberts
2019 Aug 2810m 10s
My best buddy Parker comes on the show and he talks to version of me from the past.
CSBS ep. 6 Count Von NøseƒartΩ
2019 Jul 139m 4s
Von talks a little and get welcomed to THE JAM.
CSBS ep.5 Brenden Bighorn
2019 Jun 1610m 22s
This episode Brenden tells us a little about how he got into olympic cattle herding and we hear a word from a 'sponsor'
2019 May 2410m 49s
Documentarian Dana Johnson joins host Christian Sanford and Christian hires a ghost exterminator on this SPOOKY episode of CSBS
CSBS ep.3 Bradley Smithers
2019 Apr 0410m 45s
Bradley tells us why he's an awful neighbor, I host the rock, paper, scissors championship.
CSBS ep.2 Silvia Strongbottom
2019 Mar 0910m 58s
The radiant Christian Sanford interview Silvia Strongbottom about cleaning up the parks and we tell you how to make the perfect meal.
CSBS ep.1 Kennith Indus
2019 Feb 2810m 3s
Handsome talk show host Christian Sanford talks to Kennith about his bait and tackle shop and discovers some larger plans Kennith is thinking about.