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Liberty Grace is a group of believers in Christ from around the Johnstown, PA area. We fellowship and worship together at 10:30am every Sunday morning. Come join us as we celebrate the R.E.A.L. freedom that comes with a life that’s following after God.


Mark 16
2020 Sep 20
As we wrap up Mark's gospel of Christ, Pastor Doug shows that after Jesus's death on the cross, He still had to conquer death in order to defeat sin. Because the resurrection can be hard to believe, we look into some of the things people say instead of believing.
Mark 15
2020 Sep 13
As we look into the last moments of the ministry of Jesus, we are reminded how He knows the depth of the human condition. As the weight of sin's history is placed on him, He cries out to the Father, and even the Roman centurion is moved. Are we living our lives to show outsiders the perfection and love of the Father, as well?
Mark 14 - Part II
2020 Sep 06
As we begin to get to the end of Jesus's life on Earth, Pastor Doug shows that the lives of the disciples were turning upside down. Through chaotic times in our lives, we need to remember that our Lord is not only in control, but has also planned out everything we see going on around us.
Mark 14 - Part I
2020 Aug 30
As we look into the first part of Mark 14, Pastor Ben challenges us to look at our hearts when we give. We might not steal directly from a ministry, but do we hold on to our time, talent, and treasure when God is calling us to be more generous?
Mark 13
2020 Aug 23
As we go through the thirteenth chapter of Mark, Pastor Doug takes us through the choices we make as we apply faith to the circumstances around us.
Mark 12
2020 Aug 16
As Pastor Doug takes us through Mark 12, we see Jesus's parable describing the world's response toward stewardship instead of ownership.
Mark 11
2020 Aug 09
As Jesus enters Jerusalem, He first goes to the Temple to see its condition. Similarly today, He wants to see the condition of our hearts. Will we allow Christ to overturn tables in our lives so we can live in His will, or will we look for a way to push Him out?
Mark 10
2020 Aug 02
God's plan for our lives may often seem complicated, and following His will can frequently seem to be just as daunting of a task. This week, Josh Knipple teaches us that getting back to the simplicity of taking one step at a time can be a key to avoid becoming overwhelmed.
Mark 9
2020 Jul 26
Many times in life, we can find ourselves in a position where we want to skip some of the steps that God has planned for us. This week, Pastor Doug takes us through Mark 9, and how Jesus needed to continually tell the disciples that we need to go through certain stages in our walks with Him in order to get to where we should be.
Mark 8
2020 Jul 22
This week, Pastor Doug takes us through the eighth chapter of Mark, and explains to us the dangers of looking at our circumstances from an earthly and temporal point of view, instead of a holy and eternal perspective.