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Jesse hosts an upbeat mix of the curious and the compelling, ranging from the stories of the day to the great questions of our time.


Sarah Wilson: This One Wild And Precious Life
2020 Sep 2823m 11s
The founder of the I Quit Sugar has a new book that resulted from her experiences with anxiety and OCD.
Expert Feature: The place of fungus in our lives
2020 Sep 2825m
Jesse speaks to mycologist, Dr Peter Buchanan, who has worked in the field of fungi for more than four decades.
Steph Tan: Trust Your Gut
2020 Sep 2810m 31s
One in six New Zealanders is diagnosed with a common mental disorder at some stage in their lives. Steph Tan is research assisting at Yale's School of Public Health and says food and nutrition can have an impact.
Guy Williams TV choices
2020 Sep 2812m 27s
With the unsettled weather around at the moment, Guy Williams says it's great to have a few things on your TV list! he reviews The Social Dilemma, HyperNormalisation and Detroiters.
The Spinoff: 100 Year Forecast on climate change
2020 Sep 287m 5s
Jesse speaks to Chris McDowall, one of the producers of the new climate change documentary series.
Endometriosis NZ sees increased calls for help during Covid-19
2020 Sep 2814m 28s
During the 7-week lockdown the organisation received cries for help from 568 women and girls.
Snow, wild weather in South Island
2020 Sep 286m 19s
Snow has fallen to sea level in the far south as the wild weather continues today, with heavy snow and strong wind warnings around the country. Jesse speaks to NIWA meteorologist Ben Noll.
Critter of the Week The wandering anemone
2020 Sep 2514m 48s
Doc's Nicola Toki introduces us to this week's critter - the wandering anemone. It lives in the ocean, has a pedal disc, resembles a pile of baked beans and moves in the night!
Ask the builder - Stan Scott
2020 Sep 256m 53s
Have you got a DIY problem that needs solving? Builder Stan Scott answers more of your questions, in his fortnightly korero with Jesse - please email jesse@rnz.co.nz.
Nadia Lim - Ciro's Gnocchi
2020 Sep 257m 22s
When Nadia was a teenager she worked in an Italian restaurant run by Ciro Sanino from Naples and today she shares this delightful gnocchi recipe which she says is soft and silky and unlike any other gnocchi she's tried.