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2020 Sep 2041m 46s
The Renewing God
2020 Sep 1337m 3s
Isaiah 65:17-66:2
The Rejoicing God
2020 Sep 0645m 45s
Isaiah 62:1-9
The Gathering God
2020 Aug 3045m 57s
Isaiah 56:1-8
The Parable to the Two Brothers
2020 Aug 2338m 13s
Luke 15:11-31
The Inviting God
2020 Aug 0939m 22s
Isaiah 55: 1-7
The Loving Servant
2020 Aug 0239m 28s
Isaiah 53:10-54:3
What is the Everything?
2020 Jul 2638m 57s
Stephen McAuley preached a few weeks ago on 'What do you pray for the person who has everything?' In this sermon David Pinckney unpacks what that 'everything' is. It's worth listening to both sermons together.
The Humble Servant
2020 Jul 1943m 10s
Isaiah 52:13-53:9
The Unique Servant
2020 Jul 1243m 27s
Isaiah 42:1-9