Identity Advantage with Daphne Delay
  • Daphne Delay
111 episodes
God has created every person to be unique, with individual gifts, talents, and callings. But with the world and media constantly blasting their idea of perfection on each new generation, it's hard to find your true self in the mix. From kids on the playground to executives in a boardroom, comparisons and lack of confidence arise. Join Daphne as she helps you find the advantage of knowing your identity in Christ above all else.


Changing the Man in the Mirror | Episode 182
2020 Jun 1120m 9s
It’s been over 30 years since Micheal Jackson famously recorded “Man in the Mirror” hoping to encourage change in a hurting world. Leeonydus Johnson said, “[Many people] believe that society is at fault for an individual’s circumstances and therefore society must be changed. I believe that we, as individuals, are responsible for our own circumstances, and if we want change, we must change ourselves.” I agree.
Prison Testimony | Episode 180
2020 Apr 3021m 26s
We should never forget the power of a testimony! The Bible says, "We overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony..." (Revelation 12:11). Jesus paved the way and now He wants us to help others by testifying about He's done in our life!
I Was Barabbas | Episode 178
2020 Apr 0823m 16s
Do you know the story of Barabbas? Matthew, Mark, and Luke all mention him as the man who was released by Pilate instead of Jesus. We could say, in the mind of Barabbas, Jesus literally died in his place. But of course, we know more of the story now then Barabbas did on that fateful day.