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I Am The Law is a show about law jobs. We profile recent and seasoned law school graduates in different jobs to help listeners learn about the legal profession.


Litigating Brain Injuries Against Huge Insurance Companies as a Solo [AZ]
2020 Aug 2427m 30s
Ilya Lerma, a 1999 graduate of the University of Arizona, runs a small solo practice where she takes on insurance companies in complicated brain injury cases. She discusses the difficulty of running a contingency-fee practice, litigating as a woman of color, and how she manages the stress of being a lawyer.
Real Estate Litigation and Transactions (FL): Times Are Changing [Law Firm]
2020 Aug 1733m 8s
Dan Drake, a 1995 graduate of Stetson College of Law, is a real estate attorney at a small firm in Florida.
County Prosecutor (Iowa): How Prosecution Can Be Like a Mathematical Formula
2020 Aug 1026m 8s
Jon Holscher, a 2011 graduate of Drake Law School, is assistant county attorney in Iowa.
Doc Review Hell: A Culture of Fear But Not Totally Awful
2020 Aug 031h 4m 12s
At the bottom of the legal profession hierarchy lays the opaque world of short-term contract work, also known as document review. Known to some as the circuit, it's filled with new graduates trying to break into the profession, older graduates trying to on-ramp back in, and others who need the money to get by as they start their own practice, balance a family, or try to start fresh after a grueling job. This special episode dives into this world through a roundtable discussion.
In-House Counsel at a Software Company (DC)
2020 Jul 2724m 4s
Zoe Sharp, a 2003 graduate of Stanford Law School, is assistant general counsel at Optoro, a software company that keeps her busy in many areas of law.
Sports & Entertainment Law (CA): Making a Solo Firm Work Against the Odds
2020 Jul 2031m 41s
Jeremy Evans, a 2011 graduate of Thomas Jefferson School of Law, runs his own sports and entertainment law firm in southern California.
In-House Counsel at the City of Detroit [Government] (Michigan)
2019 May 1321m 32s
Choi Portis, a 2011 graduate of Thomas Cooley Law School, is a lawyer for the water and sewerage department in Detroit. She handles litigation for the department, develops policies and procedures, and reviews contracts—so one day is rarely the same as the next.
Criminal Defense: A Lawyer for Tourists Who Got Out of Hand (FL)
2019 May 0621m 14s
Alan Fowler, a 2006 graduate of Mercer University School of Law, primarily represents tourists who got in trouble while on vacation. He talks about finding clients, their urgency in resolving their legal trouble, and how he learns about what they really want. Alan reminds us that solo practitioners are small business owners who happen to provide legal services.
International Human Rights Lawyer at the United Nations (NYC)
2019 Apr 2929m 19s
Matt Hoisington, a 2009 graduate of Boston College Law School, explains his path to and through the United Nations. He talks about how he managed to obtain one of the most sought after jobs in the law as an international human rights lawyer. He discusses his time doing law and policy at UN headquarters in New York City, and time abroad in Abyei and Darfur, Sudan.
State Public Defender: The Complexities of Criminal Defense (Montana)
2019 Apr 2229m 34s
Alisha Backus, a 2014 graduate of Barry University School of Law, has an inspiring passion for her work representing people accused of crimes. When she was younger, she experienced the ugly side of our justice system as a victim of domestic violence. While this understandably causes others choose a different path, it helps her suss out reliable information from not only victims, but her clients too.