• Cate Antrim, Trish Howman
7 episodes
Welcome to Flyts of Fancy, a booze-laden mythology podcast by Cate and Trish! We're best friends of nearly 20 years with an intensely strange and strangely intense love of mythology. Join us while we continuously subject our livers to alcohol and your ears to hot takes on classic stories you may or may not be familiar with. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/flytsoffancy/support


Episode 7: NORSE AF
2020 Jun 1153m 21s
Hello everyone! We are back from hiatus so welcome once again to Flyts of Fancy! Today's episode: Weird Deaths!
Episode 6: Apollo Dabs into the Sunset
2019 Jul 301h 4m 43s
Welcome once again to Flyts of Fancy! Today's episode: WARNINGS! Join us as we talk about the importance of listening to people who almost definitely know better than you, mostly and how to not look back when trying to make your escape from any sort of situation.
Episode 5: Ancient Wax Play PSA
2019 Jun 091h 34m 3s
Welcome once again to Flyts of Fancy! Today's episode: ROMANCE! Join us as we talk about the importance of consent when using hot wax in the bedroom as well as why not to marry someone with the same name as your ex girlfriend. Also, please enjoy our literary hot take on Shakespeare while we discuss the importance of origin myths.
Episode 4: Horus Does What Now?
2019 Jun 021h 1m 15s
Welcome once again to Flyts of Fancy! Today's episode: Mythological Beefs. We're talking throw downs, showdowns, and fights. Please join us as we discuss the most fatal of flaws, pride and then journey onward into some truly jacked up family dynamics. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did!
Episode 3: Oracles Be Trippin'; Asgard's Debatably Racist Wall
2019 Apr 0353m 36s
Welcome once again to Flyts of Fancy! Today's a special double episode: some mythological births, and then we talk about construction! Tune in for side conversations about how high the Oracle of Delphi was and Pasiphaƫ's weird family in between the actual myths we're covering. You also might notice the mention of tricksters in the opening comments about it being a double episode, and that's because Cate absolutely 100% forgot what the episodes were before she started editing. In her defense, there is some talk of tricksters in her story, so close enough?
Episode 2: Traumatic Middle Ages Lions
2019 Mar 1436m 44s
Guten tag! This episode is unfortunately a bit shorter, but with good reason: the theme du jour is tricksters! As it turns out, trickster stories are kind of short, because there's only so long they can get away with their nonsense. Come for us talking about Coyote and Reynard the Fox, stay for the vaguely related Disney movie banter. Also, apologies in advance for the continued learning curve of podcasting, but we swear it's getting better as we go.
Episode 1: Our Man Anansi, a Mad Lad
2019 Mar 1357m 33s
Welcome to the inaugural episode of Flyts of Fancy! Your intrepid and adorably inebriated hosts, Cate and Trish, have more than a few words to share with you about a couple of gods and their gift-giving shenanigans.