• Kyle Bolin, Jason Cavallari
103 episodes
We're a board game podcast that discusses one board game at a time that we've had limited play time with.


ep 103: Digital Root and Roll for the Galaxy
2020 Aug 2824m 32s
This week we’re taking a look at two digital adaptations of existing board games. Root and Roll for the Galaxy! Do they hold up as well as the physical games? Yes, it seems like they do. But listen to find out more!
ep 102: Massive Darkness 2 the Kickstarter
2020 Aug 1332m 19s
This week we’re taking a look at the kickstarter for CMON’s Massive Darkness 2: Hellscape, the follow-up to 2017’s Massive Darkness. A game we reviewed a long time ago and felt good about with some caveats. We tried the demo out on Tabletop Simulator and are prepared to give you our VERY early impressions!
ep 101: GenCon 2020
2020 Aug 051h 10m 46s
We discuss GenCon 2020, which was entirely online! 8 different games, 3 different gaming platforms, and how an online-only GenCon compared to the real thing!
ep 100: Blood on the Clocktower... Playtime
2020 Mar 021h 5m 28s
It’s our 100th episode! To celebrate we’ve assembled a group to play Blood on the Clocktower! We’re giving it a second (and third) shot and hopefully giving our listeners some entertaining radio at the same time! Here’s to (hopefully?) the next 100!
ep 99: Marvel Champions
2020 Feb 15
Kyle had a baby, the Irish train we were still on went completely off the rails, and after two weeks we’re back on track with Marvel Champions! One of the hottest new games and definitely one that’s burning through wallets already, we’re excited to talk about WHY it’s worth the money to Kyle and whether or not it should be for you as well!
ep 98: Sorcerer (A Strategy Card Game?)
2020 Feb 0624m 22s
This week we’re talking about Wizard! Oops, I mean Sorcerer! A strategy card game! By White Wizard Games! But what KIND of a strategy card game? Listen and find out!
ep 97: Choo Choos of the Emerald Isle
2020 Jan 2920m 3s
This week we’re talking about the newest and greatest in board game train technology! Irish Gauge! The train spreading, auction making, screwing-over-your-friends game from Capstone Games! All aboard!
ep 96: Street Masters EX Alpha Championship Edition
2020 Jan 2125m 21s
This week we’re BOTH talking about Kyle’s favorite game of 2019, Street Masters by Blacklist Games! Fans of Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat should pay special attention because the guy who kinda looks like Goro and Blanka’s lovechild has you in his sights!
ep 95: Tapestry of Component Sluts
2020 Jan 1524m 8s
This week we’re looking at the newest game from Stonemaier games, Tapestry! It’s a “Civilization game you can play in under two hours!” But really… Is it???
ep 94: Kingdom Death Monster!
2020 Jan 0529m 26s
This week we tackle the MASSIVE board gaming phenomenon Kingdom Death: Monster! Or maybe it tackles us.