• Allison Gray, MD of Meded Media
10 episodes
Helping premed students share their struggles and triumphs.


11: The Gift of Sharing Positivity after an Acceptance
2018 Dec 18
When being a premed is a struggle and there are times you don't think you are going to make it, remember you can do it. Humor and hustle will get us by.
10: The Worry of Being an Older Premed Who Wants Kids
2018 Dec 11
Today, we hear from a premed who wants to be a doctor, but she also wants kids. She is concerned that given her age she can't do both. Can she?
9: The Frustration of Balance as a Nontraditional Premed
2018 Dec 04
It is hard to be a premed, but it is even more difficult when you have a full-time job a family to support, and your classes are not offered at convenient times.
8: The Waiting Game Of the Application Cycle
2018 Nov 27
Today, we hear from a premed who is struggling with the waiting period after submitting her app, feeling like the waiting itself is like a daily rejection.
7: The Challenges of Working With People Who Don’t Support You
2018 Nov 19
You're excited to be inching towards your goal of getting into medical school, yet someone you work with is being negative. How do you handle that?
6: The Transition From a Community College to a 4-year School
2018 Nov 12
What happens when you leave a comfortable school that fits you and feels like home, and transition to a large school where the premed culture is toxic?
5: The Fear of Burnout Due to the Burden of So Many Patients
2018 Nov 05
In this episode, we hear from a premed who feels overwhelmed by the sheer number of patients needing help. How can you make sure you stay in the moment?
4: The Sacrifices Finally Pay Off When You Get Your Acceptance
2018 Oct 29
Our caller today went through a breakup with a fiancé, working four jobs, emptying her bank account and more on her nontraditional journey to an acceptance!
3: The Constant Struggle of Comparing Myself to Others
2018 Oct 23
When you're struggling with anything in life, premed related or not, it's very easy to look at them and think they have it easy. We need to stop comparing.
2: The Financial Pressures of a Premed Parent
2018 Oct 15
Today, we hear from a premed parent who has been accepted to medical school and is now worried about the financial ramifications and what to do next.