• Wendy Collier
115 episodes
Discover the power of your SoulFUEL® in helping you become an unstoppable force for good. Wendy Collier knows how to intuitively hone in on what is really holding you back so you can LIVE a Soul-Fueled life doing work that really matters to you. SoulFUEL is what you were placed on this earth to do - really do. It is much deeper than your passions and transcends specific roles in your life. It is THE fullest expression of who you are. With topics such as how to; do business and marketing the Soul-Fueled way, think differently to stop self-sabotage, apply Law Of Attraction to start and grow your business or identify exactly what you are meant to do, Wendy will help you create freedom for yourself and your family. She will give you all the permission you need to be FULLY you while also helping you find the courage, confidence and clarity to go after what you want. Enjoy Wendy’s wit, wisdom and special guests. Give her a call to crack open the possibilities in your life and get rid of the excuses. Listen in to get inspired and FIRED UP to go after the life you want.


#84: What Energetic Alignment Actually Means & Why You Should Care, With Summer McStravick
2020 Sep 221h 14m 23s
What does it REALLY mean to be energetically aligned to something and WHY should you care? Wendy and Summer McStravick dive deep into science-based principles to help you make the strategies in your business actually WORK. Most people have been in a wait-and-see mode during this strange time but in this episode, you will discover how you can shift from retraction, into action. It is 100% possible this year could end much better than you think!
#83: Best Advice I've Ever Received (Biz & Life)
2020 Sep 1428m 5s
In this episode, Wendy gives you THE best advice she has EVER received. Listen in to hear these NINE gold nuggets so you can; apply them to your business, be the very best version of yourself and improve the quality of all your relationships. You will be surprised by at least one of these bits of wisdom!
#82: Best Of - Self Love: Do You Really Need It?
2020 Sep 0825m 19s
Were you taught self love is bad? Listen in and decide for yourself, whether you need it to be happy or successful in your business or job and what (if anything) it has to do with your career.
#81: How To Take A Quantum Leap In Your Business
2020 Sep 0125m 13s
Making more conscious decisions is one of THE top 3 things you must do to fully activate your purpose. In this inspiring episode Wendy talks about how to USE the power of decision to get clear, activated and ON track to your destiny.
#80: How To Stay High Vibe & Grow Your Business Amidst Global Crisis, with Emily Aarons
2020 Aug 2441m 16s
Bulletproof yourself emotionally, spiritually and financially, no matter WHAT is going on around you AND without being in denial. Wendy and Emily talk about shifting your internal attraction point to match your needs and wants regardless of external circumstances. Learn how to; transition from low to high vibrations, prevent burnout, and heal your relationship with money so you can increase your happiness, bank account and connection to your Calling. (Find Emily at: https://www.instagram.com/emilyaarons.)
#79: Access Your Intuition & Stay ON Purpose, Even Amidst Chaos With Prema Lee Gurreri
2020 Aug 1853m 8s
Wendy talks with Prema Lee Gurreri - a leading Vedic Astrologer. Listen in to learn how to stay focused on your purpose (SoulFUEL®) amidst a very challenging time in the world. Prema even talks about how chaos can actually SERVE you. She also shares details about the energetic shifts of this time so you can navigate it all much more smoothly. We wrap up with a guided meditation from Prema to help you tune into your spiritual guidance, access your intuition and get some answers.
#78: 3 Steps To Activate Yourself & Start Manifesting Now!
2020 Aug 1129m
Listen in to learn 3 powerful steps to shift your energy, activate your intentions and set your manifestations into motion today!
#77: From Non-Profit Employee To 6-Figure Online Coach
2020 Jul 2854m 1s
Hear how Laura Kennedy went from being a non-profit employee to becoming a 6-Figure Online Coach without any prior business experience or coaching certifications. Laura talks about how she managed her doubts about technology and money along with all the inevitable uncertainties. We also cover many of the essentials about how to succeed in reaching 5 or 6 figures in your business.
#76: Intimacy In Business
2020 Jul 2126m 17s
What does intimacy have to do with business? Did you know that getting intimate is necessary to grow your business? Wendy gives you the TOP two signs to look for to know if are avoiding intimacy and she shares personal examples of exactly how this can show up and what it may be costing you, literally. You will also walk away with important questions to ask yourself to help you uncover where you might be unknowingly avoiding intimacy so you can have a breakthrough and bring in a LOT more business.
#75: Best Of: The Bright Side Of Jealousy
2020 Jul 1328m 6s
Jealousy never feels good but in this "best of" encore episode, Wendy shows you the BRIGHT side of these feelings and what they mean. She will help you USE jealousy to INSPIRE and FUEL you so you can release yourself from the comparison trap, once and for all. Wendy also gives you 6 Steps to quickly turn jealousy into business success and you will learn how to use this emotion to get clear on what you really want, without apology.