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Esports are the fastest growing entertainment sector in the world. But trying to follow it all is really, really difficult. Hosts Shaggy Matt Culbreath (@ThatShaggyMatt) and Will Harrison (@DoubleUHarrison) are... not experts. But they're learning, and you're welcome to learn along with them as they break down what they can, and talk to experts from inside the industry. GET IN, LOSER.


Blizzexodus? (with Ash Parrish)
2019 Jun 0726m 17s
Ash sits in for Will again, as she and Shaggy discuss a possible exodus of talent from Blizzard Activision, the start of OWL Stage 3, and confirmed Fortnite cheaters making the tournament anyways. And who throws a tomato, honestly?!
Commissioner Swap! (with Ash Parrish)
2019 May 3134m 16s
Ash Parrish fills in for Will again this week as we talk about Overwatch League's commissioner jumping over to Epic, the latest FaZe Clan Drama, Evil Geniuses' new CEO, and what Gaming Addiction might mean for esports.
T2 Overwatch Thanos Snap (w/ Ash Parrish!)
2019 May 2241m 58s
Will is Missing like Mario, so Unofficial Third Host Ash Parrish joins Shaggy to discuss the recent dissolution of Overwatch Contenders teams, as well as Rocket League Championship Series World Finals is set, EU has won a League International Major for the first time in a while, and one pro is suing his own org.
Can Esports Survive Without Microtransactions?
2019 May 1034m 19s
With legislation pending that would ban loot boxes and microtransactions, Shaggy and Will discuss how development and esports could continue without that funding. Also: OWL doing fine while Contenders is flailing, and we're still not sold on Call Of Duty League.
The Least Informed Auto-Chess Podcast on the Internet
2019 Apr 3029m 11s
We're back! After a totally planned (no, really!) week off, Shaggy and Will discuss how the Chinese market is influencing gaming and esports. Also, Epic's grind on Fortnite, playing Mortal Kombat for the story, and Overwatch League went on the road.
The Capc*** Home Entertainment System
2019 Apr 1935m 24s
What will Overwatch League and monster trucks have in common? What the hell is a Caffeine? And is "gamer culture" going to drag esports down with it?
SponCon in Esports
2019 Apr 1236m 12s
What happens when 3rd party DLC encroaches into esports? Also, professional soccer clubs are buying into Rocket League, and a detailed breakdown of the first Mortal Kombat movie.
Go Go Power Rangers
2019 Apr 0524m 4s
This week: OWL Stage 2 starts, RLCS Season 7 Starts, and a $20 Power Rangers fighter doesn't suck?
Sports vs. Esports
2019 Mar 2739m 59s
It's a conversation that comes up more often than not: when sports fans angrily defend their turf from esports. As Michigan high schools discuss officially sanctioning esports, Shaggy and Will discuss why both can exist without destroying the other. Also: ELEAGUE's Mortal Kombat 11 Tournament during Open Beta, and new Overwatch patches coming to Stage 2?
Overwatch League Stage 1 Playoffs with Ash!
2019 Mar 2236m 44s
This week, we break down Overwatch League's Stage 1 Playoffs with the help of our Overwatcher On The Wall, Ash Parrish, and what changes are coming for Stage 2 with the introduction of Baptiste. Also, Mortal Kombat 11's Stress Test went really well, and The Simpsons esports episode wasn't terrible (even though none of us bothered to watch it.)