Keith & Joe: The Pimps in Training Podcast
  • Joe Randazzo
5 episodes
Keith Leanza and Joe Randazzo are friends from the same town with the same tastes in Comedy. Patrice Oneal and Opie & Anthony are their heroes. They decided in order to be like them they need to have a show. Once or twice a week Keith & Joe record a podcast with their friends and talk about everything from dating, Batman and laughing at people who have unrealistic social ideologies.


Defending Beautiful People from Fox News
2014 Jun 081h 11m 10s
Matt Abma from the Outer Leaf is recording with us. This episode is sponsored by Abma's laptop.
Blow Jobs after Michio Kaku Lectures would Start a Perfect Society
2014 May 1629m 1s
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Joe Doesn't Know How to Handle Heartache and Yells Instead
2014 May 161h 17m 58s
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The Strip Club Dinner Date
2014 Apr 2240m 51s
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The Traffic Cops Episode
2014 Apr 181h 48m 10s
In this episode Keith and Joe talk to their director friend Glenn McBride Jr Also in the studio is our friend Matt Abma.