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Daniel Difference Maker - Part 2
2020 Sep 2037m
Daniel took an uncompromising stance when it came to God’s principles and that stance laid the foundation for him to make an impact in the kingdom of Babylon. We must take a similar stance in our own lives, against an enemy who seeks to stop our worship.
The Daniel Difference - Part 1
2020 Sep 1340m 6s
Daniel took an uncompromising stance when it came to God's principles, and that stance laid the foundation for him to make an impact in the kingdom of Babylon. There is a process to receiving the promises of God. Do we trust God's process?
Why Do I Need to be Equipped?
2020 Sep 0631m 34s
The Fivefold Ministry gifts described in Ephesians 4 are not intended to be the ones to DO the work of the ministry, but rather to "equip the saints for the work of the ministry."  In order to operate as the hands and feet of Christ in this world, we need to be properly equipped.  For our own sake, for those around us, and for our call to serve a hurting world.
The Kingdom - Kingdom Authority
2020 Aug 3039m 43s
The Kingdom of God has a King who has a will, and in order to walk in the power and authority of the Kingdom, we have to remain under His Lordship.
The Kingdom - Kingdom In Action
2020 Aug 2328m 50s
The Kingdom of God is one of action, not passivity, that always comes through a man or woman empowered by the Spirit.  Successful church ministry is not measured by how many people attend church or events, but how well they are equipped to go out and do the real work of the ministry in the world.
The Kingdom - The Kingdom is Like...
2020 Aug 1639m 29s
Jesus tells eight major parables of the Kingdom of God. Through them we can learn a lot about the Kingdom and our role in it’s expansion on earth.
The Kingdom - Kingdom Citizens
2020 Aug 0930m 23s
In the Kingdom of God, all citizens are natural-born citizens with all the rights and privileges afforded to them.  God sees you that way and that's how He treats you, regardless of how you see yourself.
The Kingdom - Here and Now, Not Yet
2020 Aug 0236m 29s
The Kingdom is here and now, but the fullness of it is still to come. However, we can experience the power and benefits of the Kingdom today!
The End of Four Walled Christianity
2020 Jul 2639m 43s
A "four-wall” church mentality lends itself to a form of spectator Christianity, where we show up once a week to enjoy a great performance. The reality is that the people we want/need to reach are not located within the four walls of a church building! We have an opportunity now to do a major reset. What happens inside the church walls must change the lives we live outside the church walls.
A New Way to View Grace
2020 Jul 1930m 54s
This week, Pastor Scott teaches on the empowering that comes with God's grace.  We are not meant to overcome sin in our own strength, but God provides us the grace we need to do the impossible!