• Courtney Cates
28 episodes
I’m using this podcast as a tool for my spiritual journey. Hopefully it will help others along the way as well 🙏🏼


Rest, love
2020 May 155m 59s
The battle has already been won
Inner Work
2020 May 057m 18s
You don't have to be perfect to have a connection to God. He dwells in your very own presence.
Daddy Issues
2020 Apr 2310m 49s
God truly is the greatest Father if you believe He is...
Don't Be Sorry
2020 Apr 138m 53s
Never apologize for being you...
Money Mantras $
2020 Apr 024m 26s
Release attachment to money, TRUST, & be grateful 💚
Open the Eyes of my Heart
2020 Apr 019m 49s
Slow down & connect to your heart space... you will always have a home there ♥️
Meditation for the Greater Good🙏🏼
2020 Mar 238m 31s
Be still and send your loving energy into the world for healing...
Be Still
2020 Mar 239m 50s
Make time to allow yourself to just be...
Grateful for Life🌿
2020 Mar 1615m 23s
Choose to trust in God during these hard times and appreciate life...
2020 Mar 074m 3s