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Three friends and their audio sidekick desperately fight for your validation all while talking movies and struggling to stay on topic.


The End... For Now...
2020 Sep 144m 25s
So, The Meandering Movie Podcast - as you've known it - is no more, but that doesn't mean it's over. Gav's got a wee update on why things have ended and what the future might hold for the podcast. All of us want to thank you so much for joining us for our silly ramblings, and Gav hopes to be back soon with something new for you!
Season 2 - Bonus Episode - The Last of Us Part II Spoilercast/Review
2020 Jun 301h 50m 27s
Continuing with our bonus episodes during our hiatus, we have yet another episode that’s different from what you’re used to. This time, Gavin sat down with his good long-time friend, Ross and the two of them talked all about The Last of Us Part II. We know it’s not a movie, but this was something Gav was passionate about and we just let him go for it. So, settle in and enjoy two pals gushing about a franchise of games they love!
Season 2 - Bonus Episode - Drunkcast: Our Mate Thomas Really Likes Inglorious Bastards
2020 May 221h 15m 54s
We have something a little different for you this week. Rather than a regular episode, Ryan and Gavin instead decided to sit down with their pals, Connor and Thomas, pour some drinks and just chat aimlessly about anything they want – with things sometimes circling back to film. This episode is an amalgamation of two separate recordings that the boys made over the course of a few hours and with increasing amounts of booze occurring. Enjoy…
Season 2 - Ep.17 - What We've Been Watching During the Lockdown
2020 May 1451m 50s
This week the boys chat about some of the movies and shows they’ve been watching while stuck at home. Tune in to hear about some of their questionable choices and what they’ve been doing to fill the endless amount of time they’ve had on their hands.
Season 2 - Ep.16 - Who Are the Best Movie Characters for a Bank Heist?
2020 May 0755m 35s
It’s time to save 2020 and how might you ask? Well, the meandering boys are going to break into a bank vault where the DeLorean is (obviously), steal it and go back in time to fix the past and save the future. But the boys aren’t doing the work themselves – god no – they’re assembling the “best” team of movie characters to do it for them. Listen in and join the boys on a selection process of madness and stupidity!
Season 2 - Ep.15 - The Failed Potential of Universal's Monster Movie Universe
2020 Apr 3057m 19s
The time has finally come for the boys to talk about the Brendan Fraser led, ‘The Mummy’. A movie the boys all love and one they think could have had so much more potential had Universal used it as a jumping off point for their continually failing monster movie universe.
Season 2 - Ep.14 - What Were Some of Our Favourite Childhood Movies?
2020 Apr 231h 8s
It’s time for the boys to look to the past and explore what were some of their favourite movies to watch when they were but wee lads. Join the boys on their journey into their histories and discover if you were watching the same selection of great movies when you were young.
Season 2 - Ep.13 - Who Are Some of Our Favourite Actors?
2020 Apr 161h 6m 40s
This week the boys explore and discuss some of their favourite actors and the work that has made them so memorable. I mean… the title kinda says it all, so this description of the episode is pretty irrelevant if you ask me. What even were you expecting from it this week? Look at that beautifully crafted title. It gives you everything you need, and let’s be honest, this is purely just waffling nonsense. I feel I’ve gone a little off track – sorry. Anyway, enjoy the episode.
Season 2 - Ep.12 - It's Time to Talk about Shrek!
2020 Apr 0958m 40s
Hey now, Audio Boy’s an all-star, he gets his game on, he go plays. Hey now, he’s a rock star, he gets the show on, doesn’t get paid. And all that glitters is gold. Only shooting stars (Audioboy) break the mold. It's a cool place and they say it gets colder. You're bundled up now, wait…
Season 2 - Ep.11 - Our January/February Movie Review Round-Up
2020 Apr 0259m 5s
The boys look back at some of the great – and not so great – movies that came out in January and February and offer you their thoughts on them and let you know which ones are worth checking out.