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A film discussion podcast of critical views by uncritical viewers


Episode 6: Night of the Hunter
2019 Apr 15
Adam and Kim discuss Charles Laughton’s American Gothic classic The Night of the Hunter.  A serial killer preacher hunts the children of a bank robber in order to retrieve his stolen loot. https://ia801408.us.archive.org/34/items/RafterReviewsEp06NightOfTheHunter/Rafter%20Reviews%20Ep%2006%20Night%20of%20the%20Hunter.mp3
Episode 5: Paper Moon
2018 Nov 11
Adam and Jesse discuss Peter Bogdanovich’s slice of Americana about an orphan and a con man (played by real-life father and daughter) who hustle their way across Kansan into Missouri to get the orphan to her aunt in Saint Louis. https://ia800700.us.archive.org/33/items/RafterReviewsEp05PaperMoon/Rafter%20Reviews%20Ep%2005%20Paper%20Moon.mp3
Episode 4: Blood Simple
2018 Jun 26
Adam and Spencer discuss the Coen brothers debut film about a cheating wife, a vengeful husband, and a private eye who’s sole motive is to protect his own interest. https://ia800709.us.archive.org/15/items/RafterReviewsEp04BloodSimple/Rafter%20Reviews%20Ep%2004%20Blood%20Simple.mp3
Episode 3: Gone Girl
2018 May 27
Adam and Sharon discuss David Fincher’s murder mystery about a wife’s disappearance where it seems that all signs point to the husband as the murderer.  Look can be deceiving, however, and soon nothing and no one can be trusted. https://ia800701.us.archive.org/28/items/RafterReviewsEp03GoneGirl52718/Rafter%20Reviews%20Ep%2003%20Gone%20Girl%205-27-18.mp3
Episode 2: Wages of Fear
2018 May 12
Adam and Nathan discuss Wages of Fear, a multicultural French suspense thriller in which two opposing teams of drivers must transport volatile nitro glycerin through the South American jungle.  The slightest bump could mean death for these intrepid travelers. https://ia800709.us.archive.org/26/items/RafterReviewsEp02WagesOfFear51218/Rafter%20Reviews%20Ep%2002%20Wages%20of%20Fear%205-12-18.mp3
Episode 1: Rear Window
2018 Apr 22
In the premier episode of Rafter Reviews, Adam and Connor discuss Rear Window.  In this Alfred Hitchcock thriller, a photographer confined to his apartment by a leg injury is convinced that he witnessed a murder in the apartment across the street.  With the assistance of his nurse and girlfriend, the photographer attempts to prove his … Continue reading Episode 1: Rear Window →