The Show
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The Show is a top-rated morning radio show heard in Central New York on KRock (100.9 & 106.5) and in Utica, NY on 94.9. Mixing news, original comedy, characters, songs and more, it’s passionate fan base has helped it become a New York radio staple.


2020 Sep 251h 38m 25s
What does a perfect Friday Night feel like to you? What's the moment you gave up on driving your piece of sh-t car? Cody doesn't mind if you ladies go to a strip club as long he can ring the bell later. Plus, house full of bees. Josh can't quote 'Kindergarten Cop' & so much more on today's show!
2020 Sep 241h 24m 16s
We are supposed to "relax" our guitar strings? Onions are garbage. 'The Haunting of Bly Manor' looks cool as hell. The worst news story ever involves recycled condoms. Plus, Broooosa calls in & much more on today's show!
2020 Sep 231h 31m 43s
Josh forgets how to run. A couple of scumbags were following a UPS truck and stealing packages. Santana wants to make bwee bwee bwee sounds on your song. Leigh Baldwin talks money. We meet Kyle from Kasai Ramen & much more on today's show!
2020 Sep 221h 27m 10s
Josh is back on his model train bullsh*t. Ellen is back and is still an out of touch narcissist. Dude is in a test drive & kidnaps the driver. It's time for Dad Jeans. Plus, some Halloween costume chat & so much more on today's show!
2020 Sep 211h 31m 41s
Cody's Cowboys had a GAME yesterday and we've got a lot of football to cover. Josh caught the beginning of the Emmy's and kinda enjoyed it. Stop acting like you wanna pick apples. You wanna post photos to gain parenting points. Plus lots more on today's show!
2020 Sep 181h 21m 27s
Friday shows don't get the best recaps, so just know we talk BBQ'ing. Get Sportsy with Brent Axe. We Mishkin everyday things, you get the deal.
2020 Sep 171h 30m 31s
Glass tables cause a lot of injuries in America, but Cody has NO tables! The controversy over 'Cuties' and the cancellation of Netflix. Rosa checks in to talk homeschool. Body parts are all over the place. The guys wanna touch a brain. Plus, how you like your coffee & more on today's show!
2020 Sep 161h 24m 39s
Josh has the itch to go ghost hunting already, but we all know he won't leave his house. The guys are ready to kick off their First Annual Nugg Off. Cody hears a classic Mom Jam on the radio & we go down a wormhole. Plus, Leigh Baldwin. Poop in a dishwasher & much more on today's show!
2020 Sep 151h 34m 26s
Carol Baskin is on DWTS & her ex-husbands family gets salty. Cemeteries will flood too and then the bodies will float around. Josh makes some wing sauce & saves an old man. A Tuesdee Topic asks for your life lessons & so much more on today's show!
2020 Sep 141h 33m 37s
All the football is back & Cody is stoked! Facebook is kicking off bands (or are they)? Franzia is coming in backpack form so we talk booze we don't drink anymore. Chicks love gray sweatpants.