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Two die-hard Baltimore sports fans with backgrounds in the industry weigh in on the biggest topics and give their takes on what happening. Jab and Zach discuss the Baltimore Orioles, Baltimore Ravens, Washington Capitals, and more on Baltimore Sports Today.


9th Annual MLB Predictions Show
2020 Jul 2357m 14s
For the last nine seasons, Jabby Burns, Patrick Guthrie, and Zach Wilt have predicted how the MLB season will unfold. This year is certainly a little different, but the guys still give their best effort in forecasting the 2020 season.
Retro Sports Rewind -- The Last Dance: 1998 NBA Finals Game 6 - Bulls vs. Jazz
2020 May 181h 22m 18s
Thanks for subscribing to Baltimore Sports Today. We hope you're staying safe and doing well. While quarantined and missing sports, we started a new podcast, Retro Sports Rewind. Each week we rewatch and relive a classic sports broadcast. Today, we're releasing our fourth episode on game six of the 1998 NBA Finals between the Bulls and Jazz. We hope you enjoy the show and subscribe to Retro Sports Rewind on iTunes, Spotify, or Google Podcasts.
Orioles Deal Cashner, Who's Next? Plus, The Farm System Is On The Rise!
2019 Jul 1839m 11s
The Baltimore Orioles struck a deal with their division rivals, the Boston Red Sox, for Andrew Cashner. Jab and Zach discuss the deal and what it means about the state of the franchise. The guys also talk about the market for Mychal Givens and whether Mike Elias would do business with the Washington Nationals. They also break down why Elias should take the best deal he can get for Trey Mancini.
Rutschman's Welcome And Machado's Return
2019 Jun 2943m 8s
Manny Machado returned to Baltimore with the San Diego Padres and Orioles fans warmly welcomed him back to Camden Yards. Jab talks about being in the stands and seeing Machado with the Pads. The guys talk about why no one should boo Machado, look back on his time in Baltimore and towards the future.
Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself
2019 Jun 0749m 27s
It's been a while, so Jab and Zach reintroduce themselves to the BST audience. The guys talk about their backgrounds and what they're up to these days. They also reminisce about the Washington Capitals winning the Stanley Cup exactly one year ago and talk about their feelings on the championship today.
Orioles Start 4-1, Hyde Pulls Hess During A No-Hitter
2019 Apr 0335m 5s
The Baltimore Orioles are 4-1 and have won road series in New York and Toronto. Jab and Zach talk about if their expectations for the club have changed and discuss Brandon Hyde’s decision to pull David Hess during a no-hitter … Continue reading →
8th Annual MLB Predictions Show
2019 Mar 271h 44m 32s
It’s our favorite show of the year! For the 8th consecutive season, Jabby Burns, Patrick Guthrie, and Zach Wilt sit down to predict the upcoming MLB season. The guys look back and laugh at some of last year’s predictions and … Continue reading →
Steady Ground Game And Solid Defense
2018 Dec 0649m 13s
TK and Andrew are back this week breaking down the Baltimore Ravens victory in Atlanta against the Falcons in week 13, the guys hand out their game balls, talk about their pop of the week, put somebody on notice with … Continue reading →
Crab Takes And Football: Gut Punching Disappointment
2018 Oct 241h 5m 8s
Check out Crab Takes and Football, the Baltimore Sports Report Network’s NEWEST Ravens podcast! TK and Holly break down the gut punch that was Sunday’s loss to the Saints. The guys talk about the Ravens 24-23 loss to New Orleans … Continue reading →
Buck And Dan Are Out
2018 Oct 0436m 8s
It’s the end of an era for the Baltimore Orioles. On Wednesday, the club announced that Buck Showalter would not return as the manager and that Dan Duquette was out as the GM. Jab and Zach look back on Buck … Continue reading →