The Meditation Conversation Podcast
  • Kara Goodwin & Alessandra Kylin
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The Meditation Conversation is an exploration into the opportunities which abound when meditation becomes part of your life's framework. Meditation affords the opportunity to connect within to understand your experiences from a higher level, work through trauma, heal yourself body, mind, and soul, invite peace and joy into your being, connect to all living things, and receive guidance from higher consciousness. Each episode is a conversation between the host, Kara Goodwin, and a guest centered around topics related to meditation. Discussions often revolve around the guest's transformative journey and the lessons and wisdom gained therein. In addition to meditation, topics include mysticism, energetic healing, spiritual awakening, divine intervention, clairvoyance, and mental health. Any topic is fair game that deepens the understanding of what is beyond the conscious realm. To learn more about Kara, please visit


Multidimensional Music - Michelle Qureshi
2020 Sep 241h 5m 31s
It was an absolute delight to spend time with the exceptionally talented, award-winning artist Michelle Qureshi. Michelle lifts the veil to reveal the mystery behind creating music intuitively and opening herself to allow musical experiences to be delivered through her. Her new album, Within, will be available beginning September 25, 2020.
Modern Mysticism with Michael - Ascension
2020 Sep 1740m 9s
Michael Massey joins for another illuminating discussion on what is happening behind the scenes in this play we call life. He uses his gifts of reading the energetic field and his quantum understanding to offer perspective on what we see playing out around us in these tumultuous times. This conversation takes an intriguing turn into ascension and what that means at the individual and planetary level. You don't want to miss this!
Modern Mysticism with Michael - Spiritual Role Models
2020 Sep 0348m 17s
Michael Massey shares his wisdom on the topic of role models on our spiritual journey and how to most effectively make use of our human being-ness. Be sure you listen through to the end as he reveals a special role those with autism have on the planet.
Healing Through Sound - Jeralyn Glass
2020 Aug 2751m 51s
Jeralyn Glass is a professor, internationally known singer, crystal alchemy meditation leader, and creator of The Sacred Science of Sound. One of her many gifts is her personal alchemy of classical music, meditation and high vibrational sound. Jeralyn uses her gifts to inspire and heal, holding a space of love, embodiment, integration and empowerment. In this powerful and moving conversation, we discuss many aspects of healing and sound.
Modern Mysticism with Michael - A Fresh Perspective of 2020
2020 Aug 2053m 59s
Michael Massey shares his wisdom about the deeper significance of what we have been dealing with this year as well as what may lie ahead.
Modern Mysticism with Michael - Radical Acceptance
2020 Aug 1356m 41s
In this candid and moving episode, Michael shares with us an incredible recent experience of transformation, healing, and revelation.
The Healing Intelligence of the Body - Cherie Mason
2020 Aug 061h 17m 14s
Cherie Mason, energy alignment specialist, joins from Sedona, AZ. Cherie has a unique ability to channel divine energy for healing people, spaces, and businesses. Her bright, intelligent, compassionate, radiating presence comes through loud and clear in this illuminating and empowering conversation. You'll be drawn in from the start, as she immediately channels energetic alignment for all listeners! The conversation carries an energetic healing energy - enjoy!
Modern Mysticism with Michael - The Art of Prayer
2020 Jul 3056m 45s
Michael Massey joins from Washington to assist in refining our prayers. Enjoy practical advice to assist with everything from the small, day-to-day hurdles to the big-picture quandaries about fulfilling our life's purpose.
Emotional Clearing with Jayanti Kylin and Michael Massey
2020 Jul 2344m 13s
In this episode we welcome back former co-host Alessandra Kylin and Michael Massey to explore the opportunities for development and healing which are found through expressing ourselves in creativity.
Your Akashic Record - Amanda Romania
2020 Jul 1649m 12s
It was a true delight to dive into the topic of the Akashic record with Amanda Romania, joining from Sedona. We address several important questions.