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  • Mark McLellan
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Torah Talk, hosted by Senior Leader Mark McLellan and presented by The Harvest (Kehilat T’nuvah), is a purposeful deliberation of the Torah from a Messianic Judaic perspective. The Harvest is a Messianic Charismatic Congregation in Thornton Colorado, Just North of Downtown Denver. We believe this podcast will give you a fresh perspective on your life and the world we live in. Blessings and Shalom!


Shemini: Eighth
2020 Apr 0117m 5s
Do the dietary laws help ensure our health and well-being? What relationship does diet have with diseases like the novel coronavirus of 2020? How can I better protect me and my family from infectious diseases?
Tetzaveh: You Shall Command! Part II
2020 Mar 0512m 28s
How to apply the Tamid principles in your life today
Mishpatim: Judgements
2020 Feb 1311m 10s
In this portion we will take a brief look human trafficking in the ancient world and today. We will discover what God said in addressing it. For those who know God and His ways, it will not be surprising. However, for our current culture, God’s way of handling this travesty will be seen as being too harsh. This is due to the fact that for many, the perp needs the mercy and not the victim. It is very sad. But, if we implement the principles of God’s strategy, we can and will reduce dramatically the amount of those dehumanized and destroyed by this modern-day version of slavery. Let’s get done for the sake of the victims!!!
Yitro: Jethro
2020 Feb 0612m 44s
In this portion God we will take a brief look at the giving of the Ten Words that God Himself spoke and gave to those whom He had saved out of Egypt. These are commonly referred to as the Ten Commandments. They are the foundational laws of the covenant and all laws that come later. Seeing that God Himself spoke these words and wrote the in stone with His own finger, these fundamental commandments are to be cherished, and exalted higher than all other laws! It is alarming to see a growing trend in Christianity to either modify them or dismiss them as no longer obligatory. However, in Messianic Judaism, they are be exalted and safeguarded once again. If Christianity returns to the Law of God she will become relevant and influential in the world today, if not she will continue to be marginalized.
Bo: Come
2020 Jan 3016m 57s
In this podcast I will be sharing on the Torah Portion Bo-Come. In this portion I will be sharing on the types and shadows of sin and salvation. We will note why it is important to remove leaven from our homes and lives on Nissan the 15th as God commanded us verses Nissan the 13th as tradition would have it. The ramifications are staggering.
Va'era: I Appeared
2020 Jan 2313m 20s
In this portion God is revealing Himself to the Israelites with a name they did not yet know Him by. It is a beautiful and revolutionary name. It will engage them, free them, and transform them. It is found in nearly 7000 places in the TNK, but in almost every translation the Name is hidden, obscured, and replaced with fundamentally different names and titles. God’s name is not Adonai nor the LORD! That is simply a lie! Join me as we look more closely at God’s name as found in the sacred text of the TNK.
Shemot: Multiplying and Fillng the Nations
2020 Jan 1615m 17s
God blessed the 12 tribes of the sons of Israel so as to multiply and fill up Egypt the superpower of the day! Egypt tried to keep enslave and dominant them by legislating the killing of their baby boys by drowning them in the Nile. Later God kills their 1st born sons and their renown men in the Red Sea. In this passage I will discuss why Israel and specifically Messianic Jews and those associated with her will always increase and ultimately be given the nations as an inheritance.
Vayera: He Appeared
2019 Nov 1425m 29s
God callsAbraham to sacrifice his son, his only son, his only son whom he loves. But this is the son of promise. Without him, the promises God made to Abraham would never come to pass. This was a huge test for Abraham. More than that, it would serve as a revelation to Israel of how God would secure her atonement and salvation. Rashi states “in all future generations: On the mountain of the Lord, Isaac’s ashes shall be seen, heaped up and standing for atonement.” Gen 22 is the type and shadow of How God will atone for our sins. Get ready, this show will rock you. I promise!
Lech Lecha: Go Forth
2019 Nov 0717m 23s
Abraham is the father of all Jews and all Gentiles who believe in the promised Messiah of God. He is the paradigm of how one becomes right with God through faith in the promised seed (Messiah). No change of ethnic status was required or needed; just faith in what God had promised. Faith is what secured the covenant and resulted in Merit for Abraham. And how that worked for Abraham would be how that would work for everyone else.
Tabernacles and The Virgin Mary
2019 Oct 1616m 13s
Tabernacles is the theological and cultural setting of the incarnation of Jesus, the eternal Son of the eternal God. He came by way of a supernatural miraculous conception and very humble birth. As Isaiah prophesied, He would be born of a virgin and be known as Immanuel – God with us! As glorious and exciting as this was, it spelled trouble for the young woman named Miriam (Mary), who was a virgin betrothed to Joseph. In this short teaching we will take a closer look into Miriam’s (Mary’s) calling to conceive and bear the eternal Son of the eternal God.