DJ Drafus / DSC

An avid music lover, drafus started djing in the hopes of spreading the music he loved to anyone that'd listen. a dj since 98, regular clubber since 88, and obsessive music consumer since 78, his wide influences in musical styles mean that his sets are never confined in any particular genre and can range from electro, rock, acid house, hip house, booty bass, and baile funk on any given night. his uncompromising styles have caught on as he plays regularly at hk's top venues. he is also a third of the trio the 'UPTOWN ROCKERS' an influential group of dj's that kicked off the whole electro scene in hong kong during its infantile stages when the scene was pretty much non existent in the city at the time. he is also one half of the duo DISCO STEP CHILD, and SH*T SANDWICH.

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