• Movie Binge
9 episodes
Movie reviews, Top 5 lists, news, and much more! This show is now defunct, but you can listen to our new show by checking out the Cinema Snobs podcast.


Death on the Nile (1978)
2018 Sep 161h 33m 44s
On this episode we inspect the 1978 mystery Death on the Nile, examine the career of Gene Hackman, and discuss our favorite movies about movie-making.
Down by Law (1986)
2018 Sep 161h 48m 24s
In this episode we discuss the merits of Down by Law, examine the career of Bruce Willis, and count down our Top 5 Most Surprising Performances. We throw in some news and a few tangents along the way for good measure.
Black Christmas (1974)
2018 Sep 161h 36m 20s
In this Halloween-themed episode we discuss the merits of Black Christmas (1974), talk about the career of Vincent Price, and count down our Top 5 horror-comedies.
The Great Escape (1963)
2018 Sep 161h 36m 21s
In this episode we review The Great Escape, talk about our Top 5 prison films, discuss the career of Roddy McDowall, and go over some news items.
Santa Sangre (1989)
2018 Sep 161h 28m 47s
In this episode we discuss Santa Sangre, the career of Robert De Niro, and count down our top 5 non-human characters.
Suddenly, Last Summer (1959)
2018 Sep 142h 15m 42s
We talk Suddenly, Last Summer for our main review, discuss the career of Martin Scorsese, and count down our Top 5 Group Adventure movies
Planes, Trains & Automobiles (1987)
2018 Sep 141h 33m 43s
We review Planes, Trains & Automobiles, go over our top 5 foodie movies, and discuss the career of director Roman Polanski
Imitation of Life (1959)
2018 Sep 141h 26m 12s
We review Imitation of Life, count down our top 5 music biopics, and discuss the career of Amy Adams.
Carrie (1976)
2018 Sep 021h 22m 39s
In this first episode of Movie Binge we review Carrie (1976).