Are You Convinced?

What happens when two experts with very different views go head-to-head over the key issues surrounding young people today?  Tension!? - disbelief!? - - The “dynamic duo” are back! Joining forces to shine a light on a wide range of topics impacting children and young people. Each episode the duo will take turns to persuade each other to see an issue in an entirely new way. They will bring guests in to bolster or judge their position and at the end of the debate, they will ask that all important question… “Are You Convinced?” Ndidi Okezie (CEO of UK Youth) and Laura McInerney ( Co-founder of Teacher Tapp) are back in the hot seats! The pair are known to disagree in the most entertaining of ways. Get ready for a fun ride. Subscribe today and join in. We know you’ll be hooked from the start.

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