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Here at Paper Street, we are constantly trying to push ourselves: to write more music, different songs, telling different stories, emotions and experiences. We are constantly trying to think of ways to better connect with the people who take time out of their days to listen to us, and to let them connect with us - a means to bring our listeners closer - closer to each other, closer to us - and to bring us closer to you. We throw quite a few of those ideas away, but we're confident that this is one of the keepers. The Paper Street Post is a podcast we've designed to do that. Each month we'll sit down to talk about what inspires us, why we write songs, how we write, what we write about and how it has made us who we are. We'll clue you in on our upcoming show, new material, acoustic cuts of familiar tunes, and plenty of dorky, goofy tangential distractions along the way.

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