Be Your Own MILF

Are you a badass parent seeking an alternative commentary on the gnarly reality of raising children? Are you punk af and curious about how someone like your bad self transitions into parenthood? Have you ever wondered what having a C-Section is like? Are you a person who's friends have suddenly procreated and you want to understand what they're going through a little better? Do you enjoy honest conversation, hilarious personal stories, and obscure sub-cultures? Chances are, you'd love Be Your Own MILF, a Florida Momcast that discusses REAL motherhood with no sugar-coating and no bullshit! Join Shelby and Kyle Anne every week as they get raw about everything from nerd culture and indie music to body positivity and mental illness. Being a mom is crazy, wonderful, scary, difficult, beautiful, rewarding, and everything in between, so tune in to a couple of real ass MILFs as the

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