Raising Lyons

The Let Down is a podcast born out of the need for mindful conversations where we can all be united by our struggles. A honest place to shed the idea of perfection. I truly believe our lowest points bring us to our highest selves. I am honored to be your host. I am not someone who put's myself out there. This podcast was born at a Kyle Cease event where an audience of 1,500 people were challenged to think bigger. This podcast came to me because my biggest fear is letting people down. It got me thinking that there was no outlet for people to talk about their low points. We have social media and surface level conversations all day long, I wanted a place to go deeper. Kyle ended up bringing me on stage and I vowed to do a podcast every Tuesday and Thursday for 100 episodes or I will shave my head. I already have amazing guest who are willing to be vulnerable and talk about the darker pl

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