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Two friends who find humor in everything - always. Inappropriate comments, sarcastic one liners and the ridiculousness of everyday life. Life, work, business is too stressful, let us tell you something funny! Have a story to share? Email us at


"Now his weenus is infected!"
2020 Sep 1432m 5s
This is technically last weeks episode, but we recorded at a weird time, because, well it's us!  You want to tune in to hear all about our week, why we're talking about a weenus, why Chris is scared and all the fun things Sara is doing in safe Covid style.
I finally show up for a recording session and she (Sara) ditches me!
2020 Sep 0440m 16s
Okay, we know, we're letting you down.  We warned you.  After a few weeks, Chris' fault, he starts without me and it's all downhill from there.  We're getting caught up on Sara's surfing skills, dog health and why the giggles are a new thing in quarantine.  Chris updates us on where he has been, why he has no power, seasonal beer, canning and everything in between.
"I'm the slow friend that people would push in front of the bear..."
2020 Aug 1247m 5s
Welcome to another Episode!  This week we take a serious talk about Amazon and the news that broke they are buy old Sears to add fulfillment centers.  We chat about the National Parks story about why not to push your friends in front of bears.  Read the full article here.
"They have a dot matrix printer..."
2020 Jul 3046m 14s
Episode 60.  Updates on Chris' pool, why pressure-treated lumber is a hot commodity, dot matrix printers and his limp shifter.   Sara's surfboard update, spoiler alert, it was success!  How do you get an 8 ft surfboard and two people in a car, listen to find out.
"We were on a break!!!!"
2020 Jul 1351m 11s
Wow, has it really been 5 weeks since Chris and I hosted!!!  Well, we're back with a longer episode to catch up. This week we're getting the low down on the pool install, Sara talks mental health struggles, business struggles and why she is mad at Costco, again.
So what the hell do you do all day?
2020 Jun 2421m 21s
This week Chris is putting up a pool so Brooks' joined me to talk job descriptions.  If there's one thing we noticed, it's that after nearly 4 months of working at home together, we STILL have no idea what the other does.  It's laughter, banter and the usual antics!
"I realize I have probably said the word like 18 times and we're only 9 minutes in..."
2020 Jun 0839m 1s
While our platform is intended to bring humor, we address our stance on the murder of George Floyd and the global protests in support of Black Lives Matter and the Black Community.  We are anti-racist and while we are not activists, we absolutely stand with and support the Black Community.  We will continue to keep our platform one of humor but will not tolerate racism, violence or injustice of any kind.  The statement read is part of a larger blog posted and available at
"Vacation was canceled so we bought a pool and invited the family over..."
2020 May 2639m 14s
This week Chris shares why he thought it was a great idea to buy a pool and invite the entire family over, Griswald style.  He's also spending way too much time in Lowes and has no time to watch TV.  Sara on the other hand is mad at Costco, well not really, and is trying to decide which of the many streaming platforms to add or remove.  Enjoy!
"We're doing this!"
2020 May 1532m 58s
We're back, did you miss us?  After a few weeks of misses, we jump in to talk what Netfilx we're binging, and why Chris knows Gilmore Girls, canceled plans, home improvements and Brooks' attempt at cooking,
"That's Brooks' new thing, he wants a Peloton!"
2020 Apr 2734m 26s
We're back after a few missed episodes, don't worry we can explain!  Join us this week as we talk twitter comedy, quarantine cooking, how we're buying groceries and explain what 4 x 4x 48 is.