• Jamie Clark
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The Staffroom is an education podcast which takes a look into the world of pedagogy. We meet expert educators far and wide to chat about teaching and learning and share outstanding practice.


Episode 16: WomenEd Vivienne Porritt
2018 Dec 1339m 50s
In this final episode of Series 2, we were privileged to speak to the inspirational Vivienne Porritt (@ViviennePorritt). Vivienne is a former headteacher and the national leader of WomenEd (@WomenEd) which campaigns for equitable balance in terms of gender and ethnicity at leadership level in education. Vivienne spoke to us about the purpose of WomenEd and its global impact.
Episode 15: Autism Pedagogy Craig Smith
2018 Nov 3040m 14s
In this week’s episode of The Staffroom, we speak to author, Apple Distinguished Educator and international speaker, Craig Smith (@wrenasmir). Craig speaks to us about creative educational best practices for young people with autism. He shares his experience of working with students with special educational needs and explains his views on technology to support the social and emotional needs of these students.
Episode 14: Digital Creativity Adam Torrens
2018 Nov 1731m 9s
This week we were privileged to chat about creativity in the tech-classroom with Australian teacher Adam Torrens (@AdamTorrens84). Adam is an award-winning teacher, digital learning leader and Apple Distinguished Educator who teaches at Stamford American International School in Singapore. Adam speaks to us about Apple's 'Everyone Can Create' curriculum and his views on digital integration.
Episode 13: Closing the Vocabulary Gap Alex Quigley
2018 Nov 0956m 38s
In this special episode of ‘The Staffroom’, we speak to UK based former English teacher, author and director of research, Alex Quigley (@HuntingEnglish). Alex speaks to us about his recent book, ‘Closing the Vocabulary Gap’ and gives us insightful research based expert knowledge on the importance of vocabulary in education. Check it out!
Episode 12: The Power of Podcasting Kelly Croy
2018 Oct 2739m 40s
In this awesome episode, we were honoured to have spoken with the one-and-only Kelly Croy (@kellycroy). Kelly is an author, speaker, Apple Distinguished Educator and is the voice of the popular, ‘The Wired Educator Podcast’ (@WiredEducator). In our conversation with Kelly we spoke about podcasting as a medium in education for both teachers and students.
Episode 11: Augmented & Virtual Reality Paul Hamilton
2018 Oct 2024m 44s
In this episode of The Staffroom, we were lucky to speak to talented Apple Distinguished Educator, edtech pioneer and author, Paul Hamilton (@PaulHamilton8) about Augmented, Virtual Reality in education. Paul also spoke to us about his popular coding picture book, ‘If I Were A Wizard’ and his app, Wizard AR and the way they enhance learning in his primary school classroom.
Episode 10: Retrieval Practice Pooja K. Agarwal, Ph.D.
2018 Oct 1329m 7s
In this exciting episode of The Staffroom, we spoke about retrieval practice with Pooja K. Agarwal, Ph.D. (@PoojaAgarwal) an expert in the field of cognitive science. Pooja is the Founder of RetrievalPractice.org, a hub of research, resources, and teaching strategies based on the science of learning. Listen for her practical tips and ideas on the most powerful learning strategy - retrieval practice!
Episode 9: The Science of Sketch-noting Oliver Caviglioli
2018 Sep 2228m 24s
In this episode, we were lucky enough to speak to Oliver Caviglioli about the power of learning visuals and its basis in cognitive psychology. Oliver (@olicav) is an information designer who is widely known as an expert in visualising educational concepts. In recent years, he has worked with lots of different teacher-authors in illustrating their books.
Special Thanks!
2018 Jun 301m 19s
A big thank you to our subscribers, listeners and to our guests who have featured on Series 1 of 'The Staffroom' podcast. Together, we hope we have created a valuable and accessible resource for teachers and anyone involved in education. We will be back in the near future, so keep a keen ear and eye out for Series 2!
Episode 8: Slow Teaching, High Impact Jamie Thom & James Ramsey
2018 Jun 2446m 46s
In this episode, we speak with UK-based English Teacher and author Jamie Thom (@teachgratitude1 ) about the way slowing-down and taking-stock can lead to better teacher well-being and student outcomes. We also chat to Humanities teacher, James Ramsey about the way low-stakes, high-impact formative assessment strategies are making a difference in his learning area at Corpus Christi College in Perth, Australia.