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The Daily Sports Dump. Daily sports bits, with Comedian Joe Canale and occasionally his wife The Sports Widow (Molly Erdman). Also celebrity guests (occasionally also). No Scores. Just jokes.


Daily Sports Dump- Keeping it Chicago with comedian Joe Kilgallon!
2020 Sep 1135m 37s
The Sports Dump introduces their "Contemporary Baseball insider" Joe Kilgallon joins me for a quick talk on the 85 bears (I've been trying to troll bears fans unsuccessfully this week), before we jump into baseball and try to figure out why the Cubs are good.  Not sure if we do but there are a lot of interesting detours throughout this episode. We finish up by telling the story of the cursed ping pong table that Joe K sold to Joe C years ago.
Daily(?) Sports Dump- Fantasy football (kind of) with Dave "hollywood" Stassen!
2020 Sep 0934m 43s
We are delighted to have....any guests really, but especially so for Dave Stassen, writer and producer who has worked on The Mindy Project and 10-17 or so other MAJOR productions. He also plays in a fantasy football league that has hired JOE (i know) to run their Auction draft every year. This year it was on zoom so everyone heard all the insults Joe added after their selections. Could be the last time he does this. We also take some amusing tangents as I realize Dave is an alum of the same school as my ex wife.
Daily Sports Dump Sept4- Messi disappoints but we won't!
2020 Sep 0424m 34s
So after our incredible episode speculating where the worlds most famous athlete will go, he went nowhere. Thanks again Soccer. But there is dumb stuff in sports everywhere and we are happy to be part of that dumb stuff. Nooch and I give you the usual whip around the leagues. We also talk about how hard an auction draft on zoom will surely be.
Daily Sports Dump-All sports get at least 10 seconds, some deserve less!
2020 Sep 0230m 54s
I'm Joined by Nooch as we take a whirlwind ride around the world of sports.
Daily Sports Dump- Our most "MESSI"episode ever. Where will Lionel go?!?
2020 Aug 2831m 58s
Honestly this is one of our best episodes ever. I'm joined by co host Nooch and Lauren Flans from the "Coming Out" pod. When we start they are soccer novices, but by the end they know a little more, thanks to Brendan Hunt from Apple TV's hit series "Ted Lasso".  First Brendan finds the perfect Soccer team for Dan to root for and then we figure out where one of the greatest soccer players in history is going to play this season. Lots of funny detours on the trip!
Daily (ish) Sports Dump- NBA Players make a statement! We are here for it!
2020 Aug 2621m 38s
Nooch and I talk about the breaking news of the NBA (and some other sports) taking the night off to protest continued police brutality.
Daily Sports Dump Champions league and sports people know with NOOCH!
2020 Aug 2326m 7s
Getting this in under the wire because I screwed up my computer. Anyway we get some great breakdown of the MLB clusterfuck, 35 seconds on the NHL playoffs, about the same for College Football and then we get into the NBA playoffs. It's all very stupid thanks to the hosts.  Subscribe rate and review and follow us at @sportsdumpshow on twitter or go to for more content!
2020 Aug 1425m 42s
A little different format today as we just list the news stories in sports and then laugh at them.
Sports Dump August 5- Soccermania with Brendan Hunt!
2020 Aug 0532m 56s
The soccer brothers (joe and mike canale) are joined by Brendan Hunt, the Sports Dump Soccer insider to talk about the beautiful game and also find out about Brendan's new show "Ted Lasso" on Apple TV. Brendan writes and acts in the show and I'm guessing does his own stunts. Subscribe rate and review us please kind people.
Sports Dump- NBA Restart predictions with NOOOOCHHHH!
2020 Aug 0336m 48s
You Know what? I just realized I didn't mention the NHL restart either, so we have that going for us. After recapping some news from the weekend comes a delightful trip through the NBA with our MVP's and other predictions... (hint: we both think the NBA fix is in).  Subscribe Rate Review and tell people you like or hate about us, depending.