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We Have a Technical brings I Die: You Die's discussions of industrial, EBM, goth, dark electro, and related music genres to the podcast format. Join Alex, Bruce, and guests as they explore music's darker alternatives.


We Have A Commentary: Assemblage 23, "Mourn"
2020 Sep 2452m 38s
For this month's commentary podcast we're honored to be joined by Tom Shear of Assemblage 23, who takes us on a track by track overview of his new record, Mourn. It's a deeply personal record, as Tom discusses, but also one which conjures up some of Shear's early synthpop influences. We hope you'll join us as we talk with Tom about changes in process and location, and how he's continued to try to explore emotional states through Assemblage 23.
We Have a Technical 328: Sub Grinder
2020 Sep 171h 2m 3s
We have records from the peak of late 90s electronica mania and the new(ish) wave of goth-punk on the docket this week in the form of Pitchshifter's www.pitchshifter.com and Belgrado's self-titled debut. How does a Godflesh-indebted industrial metal act end up selling tens of thousands of copies on a major label? How are today's grim realities being filtered into grimier, less-frilly expressions of goth? We take up those questions plus some discussion of Nine Inch Nails reissues and the return of Salem on this week's episode of the podcast.
We Have a Technical 327: Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
2020 Sep 101h 5m 48s
Ain't no one getting younger right now, and that certainly includes the Senior Staff. With both Alex and Bruce hurtling though middle age, we thought we'd address the thorny questions that come with ageing in subculture, adapting one's listening protocols, and wrestling with the bugbear that is nostalgia. We also have some thoughts on Debby Friday's recent short film Bare Bones and the "TOS2020" charity single.
We Have a Technical 326: Kanemaru Is Not My Boy
2020 Sep 031h 4m 15s
A pair of recent surprising releases from long-standing acts make up this week's episode of the podcast. An unexpected return to early darkwave glory from The Birthday Massacre charms the Senior Staff, and Sascha's choice to take KMFDM into a pure dub direction earns head-scratches but also begrudging respect.
We Have A Commentary: Mortal Kombat Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
2020 Aug 301h 12m 40s
It's a slightly goofier iteration of We Have A Commentary which we bring you this month, as the 25th anniversary of the Mortal Kombat movie and its accompanying soundtrack seems as good a time as any to discuss the strange mid '90s intersection of metal, electronics, and industrial. From the midwest industrial rock of Gravity Kills to the euphoric perfection of Orbital to prime era KMFDM to...some much less fondly remembered tracks, the Mortal Kombat soundtrack bundled together plenty of markers from the decade of the "extreme", and served as an able gateway record for a generation of kids high on digital fatalities. The Senior Staff are here to discuss the dizzying highs and the abysmal lows of this soundtrack on this month's Patreon supported commentary podcast.
We Have a Technical 325: Local Idiots Sent to Jail
2020 Aug 271h 34m 36s
With some assistance from Uatu the Watcher, we're using this Pick Five-styled episode of the podcast to speculate about, er, peer into the Multiverse and perceive possible alternate histories of industrial music. What records, genres, or trends might we have lost or gained had the capriciousness of the Fates led us elsewhere? And would we still be able to argue about "real" industrial music on the Internet? It's a jam-packed, jumbo-sized edition of the podcast (along with some Coil reissue talk), so prepare to have your consciousness blown to smithereens by the infinitide of possibility on this week's We Have A Technical!
We Have a Technical 324: The Days Are Just Sacked
2020 Aug 201h 4m 57s
We're delivering a bit of a twist on the classic two albums format this week, with the podcast taking up both the first and the most recent LP by that pioneering and chameleonic dark electro project, X Marks The Pedwalk. 1991's Freaks and 2017's Secrets bookend André Schmechta's oeuvre (at least for now) and point to just how varied it's been. Differences between the records in ambition, aim, and sound are discussed by the Senior Staff in this episode, alongside some initial thoughts on the announcement of a new Cabaret Voltaire LP.
We Have a Technical 323: Fango On The Horn
2020 Aug 131h 5m 48s
Back to the classic two albums format this week, the Senior Staff are discussing a pair of morbidly-minded concept records: Pain Station's Cold and Bernard Szajner's Some Deaths Take Forever. What similarities (if any) can be found between the most minimal and pared down of dark electro and the weird intersection of prog and early electronic programming? Find out, won't you?
We Have a Technical 322: Pasthole
2020 Aug 061h 7m 57s
Bruce and Alex do one of their semi-regular jaw sessions with a selection of Patreon Supporters about albums of their choosing! In this batch we discuss Winterkälte, The Echoing Green, Zebra Katz and Iszoloscope, and what the specific album selection means to the friend of the site who chose it. Lotsa chatter, all this week on We Have a Technical!
We Have A Technical 321: Scrooge Thing
2020 Jul 301h 11m 54s
We've said this before, but you'd be hard-pressed to explain to your Skynard-loving uncle what the two records up for discussion on this week's episode of We Have A Technical have in common. Katscan's 2005 Weapons Of Crass Dysfunction and Sad Lovers And Giants' E-Mail From Eternity are a yobbing electrogoth kiss-off and a fan-curated trove of deep cut post-punk gems, respectively, but Bruce and Alex have plenty to say about each of them. All that plus Terminus reverie and Manson reflection on this week's episode of the idieyoudie.com podcast.