The Winstmas Games
  • Winston Hodges
74 episodes
Comedian Winston Hodges (Rad Bod) takes contestants on a wild journey of self reflection and unfiltered stupidity through a combination of improvised games and intimate questions.


Almost Every Monday Zoomtacular
2020 Jul 17
75. This was a hot and sexy ass show. Jason Kusterer gets real, Jamal Russell fights the man, Ed Phillips gets ghosted , James Isaiah Muñoz has Santa issues, Sandi Benton tries hard to be mean, and Samantha Padgett has a cute choker. Also featuring a special cohost in Chris Alan.
Travel By Trampoline
2020 Jul 03
74. This episode was adorable and amazing. Brooke Barsell regulates her emotions, Sarah Roche has a plan for hot people, and Brieana Woodward does not believe in secret identities.
Nobody Get Mad At Me Please
2020 Jun 26
73. This was one of the hottest episodes of all time. Scott Hall hates eye contact, Sandi Benton has Arachnaphobia , and Amber Gill has vaginal super powers.
Winston Definitely Knows Who Leatherface Is
2020 Jun 19
72. We get sassy at night. Paige Campbell has plans for Mila Kunis, Will Minor loves SpongeBob, and Jack Johnston isn't an ableist pos.
Super Secret Lost Episode
2020 Jun 18
71. A rare super secret audio only episode of The Winstmas Games. That's right folks my video got corrupted but this episode was too dope to not release. Kevin Seefried loves baseball, Dom Grayer loves Jeff Dunham, and Whitney Wasson hates movie talkers.
Zoom Spectacular
2020 Jun 14
70.The cuties face the sweeties in this bad ass matchup on zoom. Francesca Lyn, Alex Castagne, and Paige Campbell battle it up against Amber Hendrix , Brandon Beswick, and Chris Alan .
Social Justice Landmines
2020 May 25
69. A battle to the death ensues. Frank Neblett is an antebellum parasite, Blaire Postman is woke af, and Alex Castagne sends Tom Hanks to prison.
Pooping With The Door Open
2020 May 18
68. This one is insane. Lafayette Wright wants you to eat gum off the ground, Umar Khan finds true love, and Ross Benoit gets cancelled on The Winstmas Games.
Working For Money Is An Outdated Model
2020 May 11
66. Chicago comics invade Winstmas. David Carter gets political for the first time, Caitlin brings her sister, and Hobert thinks working for money is dumb.
Human Centipillar
2020 May 04
65. These fellas are crazy. Ryan Cunningham learned where butterflies come from, Chris Flanagan escapes from Oak Island, and Paige Campbell has a hot take on the old and ugly.