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Welcome to the freshest part of your Friday, the Thank God I’m Fresh Podcast where we review the crazy week in pop culture, politics, and the internet. Join Dr. TGIF as he tries to make sense of Beyonce's internet. Support this podcast:


Montgomery Bout To POP
2019 May 232h 1m 53s
The Audio Memoir (Take 1)
2019 May 101h 45m 57s
So this is a lil different but the same thing. Sorry I was gone. I made a commitment to podcast every week but I failed. Can't lie, I got really busy with new job saving the world and shit. Anyway I'm back and here with a friend. His name is Jonathan and he's from Rwanda. He's one of the dopest guys I know and one of the sharpest minds I have the pleasure to be around. Listen us both figure out how this adulting shit works as two black man. I'm 28 and I wish I had an honest interpretation of what I was signing up for when I turned 18 because whew, chile! So, if you fuck with me, listen to it. If you don't fuck you. I love you but it's still fuck you.
Battle of the Fyre Festival Documentaries Featuring Shayla Racquel
2019 Jan 251h 49m 26s
Thank God I’m Fresh is back again with another episode. We kicking it with Riverment director Shayla Racquel in the building discussing the Fyre Festival documentaries, Oscar nominations, Gina Rodriguez being anti-black AF, Nick Cannon’s Consent App, Chris Brown and false rape accusations, R. Kelly being dropped by Sony Music, and whether Chrisette Michele can redeem herself after we begged her not perform for 45’s inauguration party.
It’s The Remix To Conviction Robert Needs To Be In Prison Featuring @KiaSpeaks
2019 Jan 111h 39m 46s
Happy New Year everybody!!! It’s been a crazy first two weeks into 2019 including Pastor John Gray’s marital issues, Kevin Hart’s apology/non apology tour, Cyntoia Brown’s clemency, Mueller’s investigation is coming to an end, the Republicans are shook by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez-Cortez, the R. Kelly documentary and so much more.
Pilot - R&B EmployEEEE EEEE EEEE of the Month
2018 Dec 143h 13m 1s
It’s the first episode of the Thank God I’m Fresh Podcast. It’s been a long time coming for this podcast but it’s finally here. Today we’re talking pop culture (Fresh Squeeze) with comedian and one half of the On My Own Podcast, Melanie Mitchell, politics (Democrips & Rebloodicans) with one third of the Brown Liquor Report, Micah Young, and music (Pass the Aux Cord) with music creator and cultural commentator Jamel Smith. I got one question for you. Who is the King of R&B?
Thank God I’m Fresh: Welcome
2018 Dec 141m 24s
Looking for a fresh take on pop culture, politics, music, and Al Gore’s internet? The Thank God I’m Fresh Podcast is the show for you. Join Dr. TGIF as he tries to make sense of the previous week and tells it how it is.