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The podcast where two middle-aged teachers, dads, and hipster doofuses talk about their combined 30+ years of education experiences.


#BLM in the Classroom (Season 3 Finale!)
2020 Jun 15
Black Lives Matter. Let’s make sure our students know it and that we transform our classrooms and educational system to reflect that truth. Also, Chad and Clint celebrate the past three years of work and over 50 episodes!
Planning Ahead
2020 May 11
Chad and Clint contemplate the future of education in the new COVID-19 world. Hint: it’s gonna be weird.
2020 Apr 27
If the mandatory lockdown is causing you to frown, don’t be down! Listen to these clowns! (Ugh, I’m sorry about that) Chad and Clint have lots of stuff for you to try out from the safety of your own homes! Check it out!
Getting Inline with Online Learning
2020 Apr 13
Chad and Clint are responsibly socially distancing, and so should you. If you’re getting bored, listen to them discuss how they are dealing with the quarantine and getting their curriculum online for their students. Also there’s some obligatory discussion of Netflix’s Tiger King, so…you know, they’re part of the zeitgeist.
Communication Breakdown
2020 Mar 30
What is the right way to communicate with parents during a crisis? What shouldn’t schools do? Who would be a more fun student, Usher or Matthew McConaughey? All that and more on this quarantined edition of the pod!
Goin' Viral!
2020 Mar 16
On this week’s episode of the pod, Clint and Chad consider the challenge of being a teacher during a pandemic, while also playing a silly game and discussing some odd education news. If you’re stuck at home with nothing to do, let us attempt to entertain you for a while!
What Bill (and Melinda) Learned
2020 Mar 02
Bill and Melinda Gates have been dumping money into school reform for years - what has been the return on that investment? Find out about that, substitute teacher horror stories, and a PG-13 rated series of bad puns on this episode of Schooled Ya!
Teacher Hack Attack! - Reissue
2020 Feb 24
Oh no! Another rerun? Clint has been coaching his Forensics/speech team to the state tournament and hasn’t had time to edit new episodes, so enjoy this re-release from earlier this year when Chad and Clint figure out when is the best time of day to have a planning period, expose all their best time saving “teacher hacks,” and discuss what you should NEVER DO when on a field trip.
Extinguishing Teacher Burnout - Reissue
2020 Feb 10
Clint has been leading his Forensics team to success and running a major tournament - so we are releasing another re-run. On this episode, Clint and Chad break bad excuses March Madness style, share ideas to help avoid teacher burnout, and talk about the great things happening in their lives in Dad Chat!
Take Me To Your Leader(ship)
2020 Jan 27
In this episode, Chad and Clint discuss insane principal stories, try to pin down what makes for good leaders in a school, and learn something new! Enjoy!