Adulting with Finesse
  • KQueen
30 episodes
Adulting is hard, why struggle alone?! Tune in each week for advice and shared experiences on how to better navigate adulthood.


Ep 29 Hey Quarantine Bae
2020 Apr 0259m 1s
Need a quarantine bae? Take heed. Lol Tune in as the host talks COVID-19 updates and dating protocol during a pandemic.Background Music by M. Fasol and AShamaluevMusicIntro Song: So Good- Big SeanSubscribe and tune in each Thursday to learn how to...
Ep 28 Shit Is Getting Real...For Real
2020 Mar 2257m 2s
Tune in as the host talks all things Corona Virus...Shit gets real.Background Music by M. Fasol and AShamaluevMusicSubscribe and tune in each Thursday to learn how to navigate adulthood.NEW: Use the link to submit content anonymouslyEmail...
Adulting After Dark: My Funny Valentine
2020 Feb 131h 14m 24s
Bonus Episode 1: My Funny Valentine Welcome to Adulting After Dark...navigating adulthood is and relationships are even harder. Tune in to this bonus episode that features a panel of millennials sharing thoughts and experiences about...
Ep 27 It's Only February
2020 Feb 0645m 27s
Current Events
Ep 26 Leave it in 2019
2020 Jan 0938m 16s
How to better Adult in 2019. New Year's Resolutions?
EP 25 2019 F**K S**T
2019 Dec 2044m 40s
2019 Year Wrap up and reflection
Ep 24 Millennials vs Boomers
2019 Dec 051h 16m 58s
Adult Reflection: things we wish our parents would have taught us.
Ep 23 Shit Talk
2019 Nov 141h 25m 16s
Shit talk and poop health.
Ep 22 Scary AF
2019 Oct 3148m 40s
adult fears
Ep 21 Who's the Boss?
2019 Oct 171h 4m 16s
Advice about being a business owner.