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A weekly podcast about the latest news and releases of New Element, the ultimate Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 fanpage.


Episode 7 - Washuzan and H2H Madness!
2021 Mar 2246m 45s
Lew, RWE and DededeRob join me as we talk about the parks of last week and the upcoming Head 2 Head contest.
Episode 6 - Storytime
2021 Mar 081h 3m 43s
Zarathustra is tonights special guest and he will reveal how he is connected to the three parks we are talking about today.
Episode 5 - Going Solo
2021 Mar 0216m 39s
Today, I will talk about the four latest releases, three of which scored an accolage on New Element.
Episode 4 - Jurassic Wars
2021 Feb 2254m 4s
Today, we will talk about two Dinosaur themed designs and two other parks with FredD and Jappy.
Episode 3 - Scream!
2021 Feb 151h 4m 47s
Today, we will talk about Scream! and three other releases with Louis!, trav and RWE.
Episode 2 - Erlebnispark Ochsenbach and more!
2021 Jan 311h 11m 7s
Today, we will talk about Erlebnispark Ochsenbach with its ccreator FredD and three other parks released in this past week.
Episode 1 - The Grand Tour
2021 Jan 241h 14m 30s
Today, we will talk about the entries for the Grand Tour final.
More episodes may be available on the podcast’s website.