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Welcome to the Priority: Safety podcast! Each week we share important safety tips and stories that you can use within your organization and in your workplace. This is the Priority: Safety Podcast!


Water Safety Tips
2021 Jul 23
This week, John shares his top tips for staying safe when around water, including boat safety and swimming safely. Each year in Ontario, approximately 160 people die from drowning. Drowning is the second leading cause of acidental death of children under the age of 5. Help prevent an unnecessary accident or injury and follow these safety tips.
Heat Safety: Working Safely in the Heat
2021 Jul 14
This week, John Roberts share his top tips for working safely in the heat.
New Career: Top Tips for Getting a New Job
2021 Jun 28
This week, I'm joined by Matthew Braumberger, Employment Officer with Total Personnel Solutions in Lively, Ontario.
Ladder Safety
2021 Jun 21
This week, John Roberts joins us to share important information and safety shares about ladder safety.
Safety Share: PPE
2021 Jun 02
This week, John Roberts joins me again to discuss PPE. John shares important information about PPE and it's importance at home and in the workplace.
Crane Safety 101
2021 May 14
Today I am joined by Jon Kelly, Safety Training Instructor with NATT Safety Services.
Inspecting Workplace Equipment
2021 May 07
This week, I speak with John Roberts, the Corporate Safety Manager at NATT Safety Services, about inspecting workplace equipment. John has over 20 years experience as a Safety Coordinator and EHS Manager in the industrial construction and mining industry. Today John shares some excellent must- listen to tips about inspecting your equipment. Let’s listen now.
Welcome to the Priority: Safety Podcast!
2021 May 07
Welcome to the Priority Safety podcast! We’re so excited to bring this podcast to you and because the person behind this project is Kevin Pattison who is the President and CEO of TPS Group of Companies, I thought it would be perfect for him to come on and introduce the show and share with you some insight into why he wanted to start this podcast.
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