• Ron Young
3 episodes
Whatever is going on these days and basically whatever I feel like talking about. I know it sounds lame prob because it is.


Zodiac Signs Chile Pt. 2
2021 Jun 0417m 13s
Last part of my views about Zodiac signs for the remaining crazy Zodiacs. Yep! Every Zodiac is crazy except Capricorns
Zodiac Signs Chile Pt.1
2021 May 1611m 57s
This episode is about Zodiac signs and my opinion on each Zodiac sign, I attempted to not be bias, therefore nobody will be hurt by what I say.
Mother’s Day Sadness
2021 May 0912m 49s
Once every year Mothers are being represented for the superhero’s they truly are. Mine ain’t shit and I’ll tell you why and just tune in for all the love I have to give y’all.
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