• Harriee
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Welcome to Grace Whispers, a place to pause, slow down, welcome stillness and listen to God; from His heart to yours. Get ready for simple. Unique and beautiful audio devotions and guided reflections. What I hope, is for the words I no longer hold back, will ignite a fire within you and help you to discover everything you were created to be and who you were always meant to be.


The Heart of The Matter
2021 Jul 125m 54s
The story of the Samaritan woman teaches us many things about God, but today we look at the 2 steps He takes to reach the heart of the matter. 1. How He breaks through the surfaces we have in place and 2. the way He gently illuminates the dark so that we can be set free.
I Wonder - A Call
2021 May 105m 1s
Listen to the call from His heart to yours as He patiently waits for you, so He can fill you up with love and compassion. For the creator of the universe has given you an invitation to meet, commune and have a relationship with Him.
For Only He Defines You
2021 May 0310m 45s
This week, sit comfortably and unclench your fists as you immerse yourself in His unconditional love for you. Today, cut ties with the lies and definitions you've claimed in exchange for His peace and truth about who you are. It is safe in His Hands... You are safe in His hands because He cares for you.
Behind Your Walls
2021 Apr 268m 17s
In this week's devotion, you are encouraged to assess the walls you've built around yourself and invite God in to break the walls of false promises. ⁣
You Are Not A Nobody
2021 Apr 268m 10s
Feeling unloved or forgotten today?⁣
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