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Wicked Crimes South Africa is a true crime podcast that focuses on South African crimes with a connection to the occult, or a supernatural twist. This podcast is hosted by Jan Bence, that researches the cases to the absolute possible extend, using media reports, actual official documents, and sometimes even psychic's willing to help out in cases.


Episode 6 - The Awaiting Christ Cult
2021 Jul 2324m 35s
In this episode we look at one of South Africa's cults, the Awaiting Christ cult or the ARK as it is also known.
Inbetweener 2 - Interview With Damon Leff
2021 Jul 151h 15m 2s
WE interview Damon Leff, director of the South African Pagan Rights Alliance.
Episode 5 - The Mncwabe Family Feud
2021 Jul 0724m 54s
In this episode we follow the gruesome attack that led to the death of 8 family members at the hands of 2 more family members. The reason for this attack; 1 of them was believed to be using witchcraft.
Inbetweener 1 - Full Interview with Satanic Church of SA (Adri Norton)
2021 Jul 021h 10m 2s
In this first ever Inbetweener episode we hear the full interview with Adri Norton that was quoted in Episode 3!!! Have a listen!
Episode 4 - The Murder of Lee Heinrich Adams
2021 Jun 2429m 24s
Join Jan Bence as your host with episode 4 of Wicked Crimes South Africa where we explore the murder of Lee Adams by the hands of Aljar Swartz, and look at the occult related excuses behind this heinous crime.
Episode 3 - The Murder of Maria Crouse
2021 Jun 1052m 34s
In this episode we cover the murder of 75 year old Maria Crouse, her murderer claimed to have done this to appease a Satanic group he is part of.
2021 May 271m 53s
This is our trailer! If you're new to Wicked Crimes South Africa, give this a listen first, before you hop over to our full episodes!
Episode 2 Mob Injustice - The Murder Of Mandla Sibiya.
2021 May 2535m 10s
Join Jan Bence as he looks at the case of Mandla Sibiya, that was murdered by his own community, and the injustice that he faced.
Episode 1 - The Dobsonville Sacrifice and legend of the Tokoloshe
2021 May 1531m 38s
The first ever full episode of Wicked Crime South Africa.
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