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Atos brings a unique combination of experience, capabilities and solutions to help media & entertainment companies achieve their ambitions and succeed in media’s new normal.


Remote working and broadcasting
2021 Apr 227m 57s
In today's world, every business needs the flexibility for its employees to work anywhere, any time. This is especially true for media and broadcasters. In this episode of the Atos Media and Entertainment Podcast, Paul Moore Olmstead will examine how IP-based production and control systems can change the game for broadcasters, putting a rich set of virtualized production tools at their fingertips -- in the studio or remotely.
Security and broadcast media
2021 Apr 229m 9s
This episode will bring in media expert Paul Moore Olmstead to analyze the changing risk landscape for today's broadcasters and content producers. He will discuss cybersecurity threats like piracy, IP loss and customer data breaches, as well as mitigation strategies and best practices to ensure secure, seamless content delivery.
The changing face of broadcast media
2021 Apr 2210m 43s
Over the last decade, no industry has evolved as much as media and entertainment, driven by new technology and changing consumer habits. With more consumer choice than ever, every media company must deliver the best possible content at the lowest possible cost. This episode of the Atos Media and Entertainment Podcast will bring back Paul Moore Olmstead to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing broadcasters in this dynamic environment.
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