The Teenager Diaries
  • Arundhati Nataraj
9 episodes
A fun experiment to share the daily experiences and discoveries of a teenager's life. We look forward to discuss issues and possible solutions of today's wonderful teen individuals. See ya


Financial Independence for teens!!!💛
2021 Jul 316m 18s
Ww discuss the advantages of how doing a part time job would benifit a teen..
7 Misconceptions about Feminism:)
2021 Jul 045m 38s
Lets talk about how common misconceptions about feminism affect our perception on the concept of equality....
Environment Day!!💚
2021 Jun 055m 50s
The voice of us youngsters is heard, we need to take initiative to use it well and protect the environment:)
Friends w/ Nature
2021 May 273m 34s
A talk about friendship and our relation ship with nature
2021 May 173m 16s
Benefits of going plant-based. Steps to make the transition of non-veg to vegan easier. To save poor suffering animals.
Strong Sensitive Bold and Gentle:)
2021 May 113m 16s
Lets try to support each other to be who they want to be and what they want to wear and do. Lets not limit someone else n limit ourselves . Gen Z, that's us, and it is we who will make the change!
Mother's Day!!
2021 May 092m 50s
A few common things we share with our mothers and some more...
2021 May 063m 32s
A ray of hope
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