VET Nation
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11 episodes
VET Nation is a compendium of professional insight and true stories of veteran transition as told by the organizations and influencers working to support the military community. Presented by Victory Trades Alliance.


#11: Combat Flip Flops, Matthew Griffin
2021 Apr 1930m 23s
Matthew Griffin established Combat Flip Flops after his time spent serving overseas. Today, the brand is one of the most recognizable veteran companies around, and Griff sits down with Chaunte to share the incredible story of how that reality came to be. Tune in for this weeks episode, where you'll hear his advice and insight on what goes into creating a company, the stigmas surrounding the veteran community, and how service members can transition out of the service while maintaining purpose and mission in their lives.
#10: Naval Warrior Foundation - Murtice Tucker
2021 Apr 0532m 51s
Murtice Tucker, a naval veteran and the CEO of the Naval Warrior Foundation, has devoted his post-service career to looking out for the well-being of his fellow sailors as they navigate the transitionary hurdles that the return to civilian life poses. Don't miss this episode, where he shares the driving force behind his organization and all of the ways his team is working to provide for some of America's greatest heroes.
#9: Backpacks for Life - Brett D'Alessandro & Alexa Modero
2021 Mar 2941m 27s
The Co-Founders of Backpacks for Life join the show this week to share with Chaunte their incredible story of inspiration for creating this nationally-recognized veteran organization. Tune in to hear how they've been able to give back to thousands of veterans and their path to establishing themselves as one of the leading veteran-serving outlets in the United States.
#8: Veterans United Craft Brewery - Ron Gamble
2021 Mar 0835m 33s
United States military veteran and Florida-based entrepreneur, Ron Gamble, shares his background and experience in the armed service and outlines how his path led him to creating his own brewery that works to support the veteran community - while serving the locals with some quality brews!
#7: Women In Military Service for America Memorial Foundation - Robin Johnson
2021 Mar 0134m 26s
For this 2021 debut episode of VET Nation, host Chaunte Hall is joined by longtime friend and veteran ally, Robin Johnson, the Chief of Staff for the Women In Military Service For America Memorial Foundation. Join the two as they kick off March discussing the work of the foundation to enlighten, educate, and honor the service of female veterans, past and present, who have defended this great nation!
#6: Hire Heroes USA - Ross Dickman
2020 Nov 0240m 39s
Ross Dickman, COO of Hire Heroes USA, joins VET Nation this episode to talk about the organization's work providing transitioning veterans with their #1 most request service, career assistance!
#5: The Mission Continues - Susan Thaxton
2020 Oct 2132m 16s
Susan Thaxton from The Mission Continues joins Chaunte for this episode of VET Nation to outline how it is that her organization helps transitioning veterans in becoming community heroes.
#4: The Fisher House - David Coker
2020 Oct 2145m 12s
David Coker is the President of one of the nations most recognized military veteran organizations, The Fisher House. Join him and Chaunte as they discuss the breadth of the organizations impact, its plans for the future, and how you can get involved in aiding their cause today!
#3: Trails of Purpose - Kayla Arestivo
2020 Oct 2145m 19s
Kayla Arestivo, Founder and President of Trails of Purpose, shares with Chaunte the story and mission behind one of the East Coast's most unique veteran organizations.
#2: Veteran's PATH - Jon Macaskill
2020 Oct 2146m 10s
Fellow veteran advocate and longtime friend, Jon Macaskill, the Deputy Executive Director for Veteran's PATH, joins Chaunte to discuss how his organization helps military veterans rediscover meaning, purpose, and joy in their lives.