Corporate Black Girls
  • Maya & Tambee
6 episodes
Two HBCU grads navigate the journey of being black women in corporate. Sharing opinions, experiences and lessons as we sip our cocktails, get ready to join a fresh approach to much needed conversations. The real. The ugly. The relatable. Email us questions, stories and feedback!


Burnt Out at Work? Do you Stay or Leave?
2021 Jul 1229s
It's been a wild couple weeks for the duo Tambee and Maya are back and feeling a little overwhelmed. Join the two as Tambee navigates a new "performance" in her recent role and Maya contemplates how to have her cake and eat it too at her current job... or possibly another. Let's figure out if you can overcome "burnout" at your job?
Victories and Connections
2021 Jun 1640m 45s
Do we give ourself enough grace in the workplace? Are we setting ourselves up for success in such a competitive job market? Tambee and Maya discuss “small victories” and their impact on our work performance. The duo also drops free game and a few gems to increase your visibility in your job search. Tune in NOW!
Are My Hair & Nails Professional?
2021 May 2551m 43s
Hi Co-Workers!! This week we talk about how the appearance of our hair and nails amongst other things give us insecurities at work or even when interviewing! Can you be your authentic self during an interview or do you save it for when you get hired? Tune in how we discuss our experiences at work and interviewing!
Dating In the Workplace?
2021 May 2059m 38s
We got a juicy topic today! Clock-in coworkers as we have some good stories and what-ifs about dating in the workplace! Let's go over the do's and don't and the ways around it.
Imposter Syndrome Or Are We Overworked, Overlooked, & Underpaid?
2021 May 2051m 34s
This week we discuss how we have been overworked, overlooked and underpaid in positions and how it has lasting effects like work PTSD or Imposter Syndrome. We are talking through our journey of being the number one performer, yet always being overlooked whether it be that we are the youngest amongst our peers or the black woman. Listen in on how we decided to fight back and started demanding our worth. From being fired, blackballed, but respected more at the end of it all.
Episode 1 - Things They Didn't Tell Us About Post Graduation
2021 May 2057m 26s
Tambee & Maya Angelou kicks off the first episode reminiscing on post graduation trauma! Going into the real world after graduation and what we weren't prepared for. Tune in for some tips, advice and stories on how to navigate life after graduation!
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