• Maribel Kings
8 episodes
Learn to relax in the most difficult times. Wherever you are and at whatever time you may need, tune in and relax! NEW EPISODES EVERY FRIDAY! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/beautyrelaxation/support


Love yourself
2021 Jul 3114m 51s
Don't forget to give yourself love. No matter what time of the day appreciate yourself.
Let it go...
2021 Jul 2410m 48s
Guided meditation to let it go!
Let go of Stress!!!
2021 Jul 2316m 35s
How to start fresh! Doesn't matter if you are in the middle of your day, at the beginning, or the end. With this meditation, you will bring yourself down to a relaxing state!
Start the day right Meditation!
2021 Jun 0415m 41s
No matter the way to get up and get ready for the day!
Self-Love Guided Meditation
2021 Jun 0415m 26s
You are beautiful, you are deserving of love. Follow this 15 minutes guided self-love meditation to get your day started properly. It can be used during the day or at bedtime.
Positive Mindset
2021 May 1411m 24s
Follow this audio to guide you towards a more positive mindset.
Stress Relief with Breathing
2021 May 1415m 49s
This meditation helps to heighten our awareness of the effect of negative thinking.
Five Minute Guided Meditation & Relaxation
2021 May 105m 40s
Find your relaxation during this five-minute guided meditation.
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