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Phoenix sits down with Jules Mittra for a series of fascinating discussions exploring life, relationships, philosophy, existence and much, much more.Jules Mittra is the founder of In & Beyond Bath, a unique travel company. However, it is his personal journey and approach to life that is of interest. Jules didn't have the easiest of starts and has like many of us, experienced a huge range of highs, lows and painful challenges in life. All of these have shaped him and his reflections through these have informed his views on the world leading to him being someone I believe with a story and perspective worth sharing with a wider audience - Phoenix.


S01 E09 Governance
2021 Jul 0453m 3s
Structured governance has been a part of human civilization for the last 5000 plus years. In fact many believe that governance makes civilizations. The well known statesman, author, poet and philosopher  Henri Thoreau once said that the ideal form of government is the one that governs the least. Both Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King followed much of his ideals of the civil disobedience movement to bring about sweeping reforms in the practical aspects of governing. Politics in the Roman senate with all its idiosyncrasies before the Common Era have many similarities to how we govern today.  The gorilla governing system, which functions perfectly, is an interesting form of benign dictatorship.The concept of Utopian Socialism as propounded by Dostoevsky among others, added another dimension to systems of governance.In this thought evoking and intellectually brilliant episode, Jules explains to Phoenix on how today's society may be able to forge a bond with the future, only by rethinking our form of governance. In this episode you will listen to various methods and outcomes that can , with purposeful thought and action, be a successful passport to the future.
S01 E10 Religion
2021 Jul 0452m 43s
Religion is an age old sensitive subject and has over the centuries become increasingly important in how we see ourselves in our community. Our faith often overrides other beliefs despite the pragmatic world we live in. Jules explains with candor and tact on his ideas regarding various aspects of religion and how we can keep the faith and even so continue to be in harmony within the society we love in. Phoenix and Jules open up a fresh outlook on this ageless topic. Jules uses many thinking caps here. As a historian, a political analyst as well as his own deep philosophy.Jules also shares a part of his own journey through the myriad of traditions beliefs and spirituality that govern religion.
S01 E08 Success
2021 Jun 1539m 45s
Success is a matter of perception. Phoenix and Jules sit and thrash out what it means to be successful in today's society. Jules unveils a few home truths on how we could perceive success and how this permeates through our being causing destruction in its wake.  Jules' clarity of thought and erudite delivery holds information, and knowledge allowing you to reflect, think and perhaps act upon your future with renewed vigor.
S01 E07 Relationships
2021 Jun 0842m 10s
Phoenix engages Jules to take a completely different view on the aspect of relationship dynamics. The development through the ages and how interpersonal relationships transcend most of our ambitions. How these are irrevocably entwined within our very being and why it is so difficult to unravel. Jules also explains how one can come to terms with personality and character traits within couples. Phoenix reaches out to extract wisdom to see how our future culture though increasingly homogeneous impact the way we look at each other. This novel discussion will leave you not only with answers but with a basket full of questions too!
S01 E06 On Narcissism
2021 May 1552m 22s
Jules explains the practical issues concerning narcissism and how his experiences lead him to research further and found explanations for behavior dynamics within his own life. Jules is, as always, candid and authentic and shares his story, integrating various principles that could be of use to you. His discourses here would be of help to any person who either is narcissistic or has had an emotional roller coaster with such a person. Jules also begins to explore the reasons why a narcissistic behavior is not necessarily a reason to give up hope from either side. After chatting with Jules, I came out of it not only with more knowledge, but also with a much wider comprehension for this kind of behavior.https://www.buzzsprout.com/1732671/8524414
S01 E05 The Purpose of Life
2021 Apr 2245m 29s
Phoenix and Jules philosophize in an exciting exchange of ideals of extracting the purpose of our existence. The subject of a timeless question can never be answered with one discussion. It is a genuine attempt to  give you a chance to listen, and reflect on the various aspects of this conversation. A peek into an impromptu conversation of two people looking for answers. https://www.buzzsprout.com/1732671/8383466
S01E04 On Education
2021 Apr 2245m 54s
Formal education today is shaky and systems are often not working. Educators and guardians are frustrated with the narrowness of today's learning structure and patterns. Children are being guided into lifestyle and occupational paths that are not necessarily their choice. The job market is skewed to cater to a limited scenario, though paradoxically university degrees and school subjects having an ever widening platform.  Jules at his educative best, touches on today's education scenario and endeavors to elaborate on possible solutions that will leave you reflective and thoughtful
On Jules' metamorphosis
2021 Apr 1540m 18s
Phoenix and Jules discuss Jules' transition from ardent atheist to someone who believes there is much more to our world than that which we can see and explain.
On entering humanity's third great age...
2021 Mar 2146m 34s
Phoenix and Jules discuss Jules' theory that humanity is entering its third great age.   The first, the age of prehistoric mankind, was characterised by the development of conscious thought and language, typified by communal and nomadic living and a focus on the spiritual or non-material world. The second age, the age of settlement and agriculture, is what we are now transitioning away from and led human society to being  highly stratified, material and power-focused, with an emphasis on the individual. Jules argues that we are moving into the third great age, which entails a balancing of these two earlier epochs, with a more conscious recognition of the value on both the material and the communal.
Who is Jules Mittra?
2021 Mar 1449m 48s
Phoenix and Jules sit down for their first chat with an exploration of Jules' perspective on life and how he came to establish a truly inspiring, and very different, travel business. https://feeds.buzzsprout.com/1732671.rss