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The Roll Out is a weekly talk show from the geeky minds of Linsay Rousseau and Genevieve Marie. They cover a wide range of topics including tabletop gaming, video games, film and tv, cosplay and LARPing. Linsay and Genevieve live and breath geek culture. As a voiceover actor, Linsay has worked extensively in video games and is best know as the voice of Elita-1 in Transformers: War for Cybertron. She is also a former investigative reporter, host and associate producer for PBS Frontline. Genevieve is a professional cosplayer who has been a featured guest at conventions across the country.


Breaking Down Black Widow From A Female Perspective
2021 Jul 231h 1m 59s
After a decade of waiting, we finally have a standalone Black Widow movie! Did it live up to your expectations? Is it too little too late? What will the impact be on Phase 4 of the MCU? Linsay and Genevieve discuss all these things, but they also dive into elements of the movie that are especially impactful for a female audience. The MCU seems to be on the right track with regards to their female characters and we’re excited for what comes next. What were your thoughts on the movie? Share in the comments below.
Tackling Diversity in Entertainment
2021 Jul 161h 2m 29s
There’s been a lot of talk about successful diversity/representation and color-blind casting with shows like Bridgerton, Shadow & Bone and Legends of Tomorrow. But we want to know just how much has changed. Are things on screen getting better for people of color, women, LGBTQIA+? What still needs to be done? Linsay and Genevieve are joined by three amazing actors to break all this down: Diana Toshiko, Francesca Calo and Brian J. Patterson.
Cruella & The Future of Disney
2021 Jul 091h 2m 33s
The new Cruella movie has a lot of people talking. We loved it, but we want to know how it fits within Disney canon? Is this a sign that, like Maleficent, Disney is taking a fresh look at some of their (outdated) evil female characters? We hope so! Linsay and Genevieve are joined by two amazing guests who are not only Disney experts, but have voiced some iconic characters. Voiceover actors Kaitlyn Robrock, the current voice of Minnie Mouse and Isaac Robinson-Smith, the voice of Black Panther at Avengers Campus as well as some other projects. We dive into Cruella, the pitfalls of live-action remakes of classic animated series, Disneyland and the future of all of Disney’s various outlets. It’s going to be a wild ride!
E3 - Toxic, Outdated & Irrelevant? You Decide!
2021 Jul 0253m 17s
COVID has had a huge impact on conventions. As a result, many moved to an online format. But some did better than others. Linsay and Genevieve dive into the Epic Fail that was E3 Online 2021. They are joined by gamers and game designers Sarah Blandy and Lizz Metcalf. Toxic Twitch chats, a continued lack of diversity, the absence of Sony and the lack of focus on indie games, we ask if E3 is still relevant in the modern age.
Loki, The MCU & The Future Of Cinema
2021 Jun 251h 9m 58s
*Please note this episode was recorded before episode three of Loki dropped*
It’s Time for a Star Wars Old Republic Movie or Show
2021 Jun 181h 12m 57s
Disney and LucasArts seem to be stuck in the same time period for all their Star Wars movies and shows. We say it’s time to break out and dive into the past. It’s time to explore The Old Republic. Video games like Knights of The Old Republic and The Republic Online show just how rich a world there is and the amazing stories to be told, but we still haven’t seen anything on the screen during this time period. Linsay and Genevieve talk with Star Wars experts Hunter McPhail and Marcelous Sammuel, hosts of Most Extreme Ranking Challenge for The Grand Geek Gathering.
Inconceivable! The Princess Bride - A Film that Shouldn't be Rebooted
2021 Jun 111h 8m 53s
There’s been rumors swirling that The Princess Bride and other beloved films might be rebooted. We say Hands Off!!! There are some films that just shouldn’t be touched. Linsay and Genevieve talk with Lauren St. Laurent of Castle Corsetry, who created the Buttercup and Westley costumes for Leslie Knope (Amy Pholer) and Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott) on Parks & Rec and Hunter Smith, who performed the iconic Westley and Inigo sword fight with Steve Huff, live for the launch party of Cary Elwes’ book, “As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride”.
Breaking Down Star Wars The Bad Batch, With a Female Perspective
2021 Jun 041h 35s
The latest show in the Star Wars franchise, The Bad Batch, started on Disney+ a few weeks ago. While Linsay and Genevieve are big fans of the Star Wars Universe and The Clone Wars, they had some thoughts and concerns about the latest series. They’re joined by Star War aficionados Blythe Kala and Red Dodge.
Crafting Extravaganza with Tabletop Witchcraft
2021 May 2853m 9s
One of the most exciting aspects of tabletop gaming is bringing your game alive with epic builds. Linsay and Genevieve are joined by a master builder; John Lombardi from Tabletop WitchCRAFT.
Giving Voice to Your Creatures & Monsters
2021 May 2259m 7s
Want to level up your D&D game?! Always wanted to learn how to sound like an orc, goblin, snake, or any other creepy crawley, big bad and just do an epic battle cry? Linsay and Genevieve are joined by two experts in creating creature and monster sound, Mark Garrett from the Kardavoc Academy and voice-over actor Scott Lambright.