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RG3, UCLA shocker, NFL fails and Roddick calls it quits.
2012 Sep 1015m
It wasn't Andrew Luck who made week 1 headlines but the main man in Washington RG3 excels in his first career start! Watch out USC Los Angeles isn't yours only, UCLA now ranked #22 looking to regain that Rose Bowl caliber swag. The NFL showed no backbone as the suspensions for the New Orleans Saints defensive players were overturned allowing them to suit up and play. Andy Roddick tried to get to the next round with the entire Arthur Ashe stadium behind him, unfortunately for him his career ended in New York without a championship.
Hollywood goes blue, Lance stripped, Rangers on fire, Tebow?
2012 Aug 2715m
The Los Angeles Dodgers were the big name around Hollywood this past week completeing one of the biggest trades in the MLB this season. Lance Armstrong stripped of all his Tour De France victories, did he fold or just tired of fighting?? The Texas Rangers are still on fire, behind Adrien Beltre are 5.5 games ahead in the AL West. The NY Jets have yet to score a touchdown in the preseason however Sanchez isn't worried, well he should be.
Triple Crown, Inning controversy and ESPN's love for Tebow
2012 Aug 2015m
Melky Cabrera of the San Francisco Giants went for the Triple Crown of steroids by cheating, fraud and getting caught with both. Washington Nationals star ace Stephen Strasburg has been told he will not pitch in the playoffs for his team who has the best record in MLB. Watching 30 minutes of Tebow every single day on ESPN has forced my hand to share my thoughts on their love for the man.
Inside Out Sports: Olympic Wrap-up, LSU and USA
2012 Aug 1316m
This week get on the phone and share your favorite moments during the 2012 London Olympics! LSU's Tyrann Mathieu dismissed from the team for violating school and team rules, why take a chance? The USA continue their dominance in the Olympics! Best game, Gold Medal womens soccer match or Gold Medal basketball game????
Inside Out Sports Series Premiere (Olympic Special)
2012 Aug 0615m
Welcome to the World premiere of Inside Out Sports Radio with your host Tim Garcia. Today's episode will be a special event due to the ongoing Olympic Games in London. Make sure to suscribe to my twitter, youtube and facebook page.
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