Adventures Of Puff And Friends
  • Kayleen Montierro
14 episodes
A story about a fuzzbug who becomes friends with two more fuzz bugs and set off on a adventure and go through some unexpected challenges.


Squishy's StoryTime
2021 Jun 251m 47s
Le't come and listen to Squishy's Story!
The next adventure
2021 Jun 242m 57s
This is where Dylan and Puff and Squishy try to find there next adventure
More Bloopers
2021 Jun 2410s
More bloopers yay🥳
2021 Jun 165m 32s
Dylan and Squishy have to run from the fluff wolfs will they escape and save Puff?
The Fluff wolfs
2021 Jun 107m 31s
Puff and Squishy had just had there talk, when all of a sudden before Puff could fall asleep Puff herd a howl and Dylan woke up and realized it was the fluff wolfs.
What to do
2021 Jun 097m 46s
Dylan, Squishy, And Puff try to find there way out of the temple.
The bloopers of episode two: season two
2021 Jun 091m 11s
This is technically not part of the story but just to share fun I thought I would have a episode just with bloopers oh and DO NOT WACH THIS UNTIL YOU HAVE FINISHED EPISODE TWO OF SEASON TWO.
The temple
2021 Jun 084m 50s
Puff, Dylan, Squishy, went off on Dylan's boat and sailed to a temple.
2021 Jun 017m 6s
Puff, Squishy, and Dylan go off sailing off somewhere.
The hole
2021 May 305m 24s
Puff, Squishy, and Dylan finally escape from the tigfuzzpuff and now suck in a hole!